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Thursday, July 28

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 8

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 106kg
Loss/Gain: -0.7kg
Kgs Lost: 3.8kg
Kgs to Goal: 41kg

8 weeks down and nearly 4kg lost. An average of 475g a week. Not too bad really. I mean, if I keep it up like this I will end up losing the 45kg in 95 weeks, which is less than two years. I do want to amp it up a bit though.

Sandra commented on my tagboard yesterday that you can still get to goal taking the "scenic route". I really liked that description. I love scenic drives. I love the mountains. And it all clicked together for me and I decided to map my biking kms in a scenic bike to the Southern Alps. When I reach certain distance goals I will post a photo of where I am. Are you with me?? So, I have started at my house and will bike out towards the Alps. Looking forward to the journey and a good way to map my exercise achievements.

It's a crappy old day here in Christchurch. A typical winter's day with drizzle, a blanket of grey cloud and a temperature that leaves plenty to be desired. Why do we choose to congregate and form cities in such shitholes of locations?? A hint to any budding early settlers of new countries: camp in an area for a year so that you have a full view of what the climate is before you set up a city!!

Then again, no one is forcing me to live here are they. I do love the Alps though. And the majority of my family live here. I could move out of the city but Blair doesn't want to.

Am on the bike again this afternoon for another 10km. The only thing I don't like about the exercycle is how bloody sore my tailbone gets after biking. I have been told that it is much easier biking on a real bike and I would have to agree. I remember when I used to bike to work etc (pre children and hideous obesity).

I am really into this Special K duathlon challenge but would really love it if they updated the website and actually dished out some info on when and where it is happening. I registered my interest ages okay but have not received any info at all. If anyone knows anything about it drop me a line.

Interesting fact: tried on a few pairs of pants at the weekend in Farmers and appear to have dropped a size to at least a 20. Especially in my waist. (Still have a hideous jellybelly from the 3 pregnancies. Any tips on lower abdomen tightening exercises.) And who just loves trying on clothes under the neon lights?? How great for the self esteem seeing your mottled pasty white flesh in all it's glory in a changing room. And hands up who has hideous little veiny things all over their thighs. I should do my measurements again. I took them a year ago when I kick started into this online weightloss journalling idea. Will take them again and see what difference if any there is.

Off to tend to Sproglet #3. Have a wonderful day friends.

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