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Thursday, March 30

Plateau By Choice

I have had enough of points etc at the moment, my mind has turned into a point and, working for an accountant, my life is being run in 6 minute units so I am all for abandon at the moment. Am still the same weight I have been for months.

I have gone off of my blood pressure meds and am feeling better although, heaps of tension at work is making me stress.

I need to get sorted but everything seems so busy that I just never seem to have a minute to get sorted. I don't want this to sound like a copout as I am definitely going to keep on with this. I just feel stagnant at the moment.

Blair has put his application in for the fire service and we find out on the 5th of April whether get got shortlisted or not. If he makes it, (apparently they have had hundreds of applications this time around), he then does cognitive and physical testing on 22nd April. Then if he passes those he goes on to Practical Assessment Course and then formal interviews and will know by 22nd May at the latest. I feel so nervous for him. He has dreamed of this all his life and now he has finally done the hard yards to apply (24 page application - very indepth)I am just so nervous for him.

He also got offered a brilliant job the other day by a guy that head hunted him years ago. He has offered him a great payrise, almost $25,000 a year, a company vehicle and the offer of learning the draughting and plan preparation side as well as running up to 22 jobs at a time. The chance of a lifetime.

Hope everyone else is well. I am going to go and catch up with as many blogs as poss. If I don't comment, it does not mean that I haven't dropped by. I will only comment if I have time. It is 10pm afterall and I have work in the morning.

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Thursday, March 9

Here I Am

I know, I have been absent for ages!! Moved in a really quick space of time and still don't have computer up and running at home. Work has been diabolical and haven't been weight watchering or anything other than cleaning and moving bloody houses.

Have had really big upheavals as far as home life and Blair and I are thinking of turning Mum and Dad down on their offer. They are just so intrusive in our lives as it is, they probably don't even realise it though. Moving next door to them has highlighted just how full on they are in the sense that they try and control us. They dictate to us what we are doing, when we are doing it etc. It is driving us nuts and to be so heavily under the thumb from them financially, and have them as childcarers - we would just have no say in our own lives. We are thinking it will be better to live our lives the way we want to and just keep them in the background, where we still love and cherish them. Otherwise I can see big things happening!!!

It will mean that we are still renting and have to look at the childcare situation, as we won't be moving out near Mum and Dad and will steer away from their involvement. Big decisions, we are doing up a list of pros and cons at the moment and the pros of doing it on our own are outweighing the cons.

How is everyone else going out there? Haven't checked up on anyone but will endeavour to do so. I haven't put on any weight, I know that much. Will be back into it soon.

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