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Monday, October 9

Where the F Are You??

I know, where did the last 3 weeks go??

I have been fine, if you can count haemorrhoids, bleeding noses and severe Braxton Hix as fine. Enjoying being at home but still finding my groove with the whole "at home mum" thing. Have slipped into a bit of a state at times and am going to make a real effort to get on and be as healthy as poss to try and get the good vibes flowing.

Got weighed when I was admitted to hospital a month ago and was 110.8kg. Got weight last Wednesday at same hospital and was 110.5kg. Not bad considering I should be putting on 0.5kg a week. Baby fine growth wise so it is ME that is losing the weight. Probably just less sitting on my arse at work and more of running around after 18month old terror!!

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