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Friday, May 19

Self Image Obsessed or What??

I left the supermarket last night in the dark. Hopped in the car, started up, drove down the road a bit and then a song I love started to play. I was the only one in the car so I shouted out "Woohoo" very loudly and clapped once very loudly. And this is where my strange self image obsession kicked in. I actually had the following thought pattern:

"Shit, I shouldn't do that. How embarrasing would it be if there was an attacker in the back seat about to hijack me? They would think I was a dick!"

Seriously - that is the what went through my head. WTF?? Who fucken cares what a would be attacker thinks of them at any time let alone when they are exclaiming in joy at a favourite song coming on in their own fucken car? Am I that worried about my image - well, yes obviously but it disturbs me immensely!!

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Wednesday, May 17

Sensing ..........

.......... being absolutely fucken stoked!!

I am an addict. Yes, you heard it - an addict. I am absolutely addicted to Sensing Murder. I LOVE IT!!! And, to top off my addiction, my work social club has decided that we should go see Deb Webber on Tuesday 30th May. Fricking over the moon am I!!

So last night I whipped up a Liver Cleansing recipe - Chicken with Almonds. Delicious. A shitload of ingredients but well worth the 40 or so minutes of prep. And the healthiest thing I have eaten in at least a week.

I am 12 weeks on Sunday. Due 2nd December. So - that's that.

I also love laughing. Comedy gala is on tonight and I am laughing so much me pelvic floor muscles (kegels!) are having a right old time trying to hold it all in.

Have a lovely day.

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Tuesday, May 16


I finally did it. I got on my hands and knees and defrosted my freezer and cleaned out my mangey fridge. To be honest, and rather gross, I have not cleaned it for a couple of months. Took ages but the joy of having a spick and span fridge and an ice-free freezer is all worth it. I scrubbed that sucker!! It also brought to my attention how absolutely ridiculously small my fridge/freezer is. Blair and I purchased it when Peta was 6 months old. We got one big enough for us then. Now we have three children with one more on the way and it is impossible to even fit the weekly veges in.

I also got my garage semi sorted. We have an absolutely huge double garage and we could hardly get in to reach the washing machine (laundry part of garage). On Saturday I decided, post fridge cleansing, to rip into it. I moved and sorted and got one side into an ordered row of garage sale stuff, rubbish stuff and boxes packed against back wall that desperately need a whole week of sorting to find out what the hell is actually in them. The other side fits my car in quite nicely. I was quite glad I had achieved this as Sunday was absolutely torrential rain and has been followed by a couple of frosts.

The point of rambling about this domestic nonsense is to get a feeling across. Both of those tasks have loomed ahead of me for a couple of months. I have put them off and put them off. When I finally got motivated and did them the feeling of accomplishment was fantastic. I have many weight and study related tasks that have loomed ahead of me for years. I keep putting them off, finding every excuse under the sun. If I just got stuck in and did them (just like I did with the garage and the fridge) then imagine the feeling of accomplishment!!

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Thursday, May 11


Now, whether you believe in it or not, you have to agree that fate has dealt me a great hand this time around.

How many years have I been studying my naturopathy?? Well six to be exact and last October I officially withdrew 6 papers shy of my diploma. Last week one of the head tutors phoned me to ask why I had paid them $600. I hadn't, so once we cleared that, I happened to enquire as to whether or not it would be possible for me to re-enroll to complete the final papers and thus allowing me to gain my qualification. This set the ball rolling and within 5 hours I had booked and paid for return flights to New Plymouth for my final one week workshop, sit the exam 15th July, and have to sit the practical by end of November and by the time bubs comes I will be qualified.

And the ultimate of it all means that I shall never have to come and work for these crazy women ever again nor any other crackpots like them.

And hence my believe in fate.

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Thursday, May 4

Let's Change the Picture

Thought I had better post something different so you don't have to look at my blister any more. (And Tracey's pleading!!)

Feet have been swollen today and it definitely has to have a relation to my blood pressure as it is up again today, whereas it had been really good and my feet were good.

I am under a bit of time pressure at the moment as I am desperate to go to bed. Have had 3 late nights in a row and have been waking up buggered. Work is still sucking. Every time I think things have plateaued out something fucken strange happens and I realise that I work with weirdos!!

Catch up again soon.

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Monday, May 1

Hagley Park

I did my second walk in two weeks around Hagley Park. I go with a girl from work. She is fit and healthy and doesn't let me use lame excuses to get out of it. We walk around both parks (around 6km I think) Took us 1 hr and 2 minutes tonight. Took 1 hour and 10 minutes last time. I really really need better shoes though as I have a giant blister on my left little toe on top of tender barely healed skin from last time.

I am reading in so many people's blogs that they have lost their groove and are putting on a few kilos when they have worked so hard to lose so many. Maybe it is just nature padding all you skinny malinks up for Winter.

I am so embarrased about my shabby house at the moment. Because my brain is blah I have had no desire to do anything about sorting out my new house. Nothing is in it's place. To be honest nothing has had a place for years. We have been in a constant state of moving for years now. Longest in one place just over two years. I mean, there have been reasons - owners wanting to move back in, too expensive, too many children. I know that this place is temporary - really temporary and I just can't muster the energy to sort everything out when I know that we will move on for good soon. As long as the plan all goes to plan. If I have learnt anything in the last couple of weeks it is "Don't Plan". Every time I plan something it doesn't happen.

How did my healthy eating go today??

1 grapefruit, Cornflakes, banana and soy lite
Morning tea:
1 pear, Green tea with Mandarin and Limeflowers
2 pieces soy and linseed toast with hommous and sliced tomato and a salad made up of avocado, mandarin segments and bean sprouts with lemon juice as dressing.
Afternoon tea:
Tomato and cheese sausages, mashed potato, brocolli and mixed veges.

Just had to stuff it up at the end of the day with the sausies. But, overall a pretty healthy day.

Love ya.

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