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Monday, November 20

Sticky Eye for the Preggy Guy

Of course, guy rhymes whereas Girl doesn't!! I have conjuctivitis and the dodgy beginnings of a chest cold. As you do!! Have never gone into labour in such a state!!

Went to hospital last Wednesday afternoon and my blood pressure was 156/106!! That is on meds 3 x a day. Midwife took BP and then left to give readings to consultant. Consultant came in with look on his face saying "you're going to be admitted", then he saw Phoebe. His face changed. He went on to inform me that if any of his students dared not admit me they would fail their course but, under the circumstances, he was going to let me go home under the proviso that I doubled my meds effective immediately and then got checked again the next day by my midwife. If my lower BP reading was above 95 I would be admitted. So, managed to keep it under 95 - just. Then on Saturday I was at Mum's and she took my blood pressure and it was 158/96. I just ignored it. I have tried to rest but nesting urges take over so dramatically!! Today is Monday and, as previously mentioned, I woke up all sticky and chesty. Feel fine now I'm into the day but am very wary. Tomorrow is Peta's 8th birthday. All she has asked is that I am here for her birthday. Hard one to deliver on considering I am off to midwife at 10.30am to have my membranes swept. She is pretty good though, she will take my BP etc but hopefully it will all still be under acceptable limits. Then, I wait and see what happens, if nothing does I am being induced at 8am on Thursday morning.

We are having a Pudding Party for Peta. Family coming over at 7pm for an icecream cake (homemade - attempting it today, fingers crossed) and other desserty delights. Takes away the hassle as pudding is always easy to dish up and get over and done with. If worst comes to worst I'll at least be here for the birthday morning. We got Peta a new bike as her other one we got when she was four is a bit small now.

Desperately scared of labour. Why - I don't really know. I have had 3 relatively easy labours. First was 4 hours long and I was induced, which was pretty hard and fast. Second was 1 hour and 10 mins long, had membranes swept the day prior. And Phoebe was 1 hour and 39 mins and I was induced. So what am I stressing about?? Fuck knows!! But something is worrying me. Maybe I am just being a big sooka bubba.

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