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Wednesday, November 15

I Love Sammy

I cooked the most divine dinner last night. We have had a rather healthy couple of days, must be the fact that the Iron supplements are finally kicking in and I have more energy and am far less of a grumpy mole. I nicked the recipe from Downsize Me but I will probably go on in the future to claim it as my own!!

I got about a 400g Salmon fillet and coated the top of it with Basil Pesto. Wrapped in tin foil and put on the BBQ for about 5 mins each side, then prob another 5 mins (but only because I am a bit paranoid about things not being cooked properly when I am preggers). I cut the fillet in half and shared between Blair and I. Accompanied with a Greek Salad consisting of Lettuce, Garlic & Cumin Feta, Avocado, Black Olives, Cucumber and Truss Grown Tomatoes all topped with a dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That was it. Granted, it would have gone down a treat with a bloody nice glass of Sav, but we can't have everything we want!! It was fucken delicious and filling. No starches in sight, unless you count Blair's glass of beer!!

I couldn't shut up about how yummy it was. Later on we had fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with a spoon of boysenberry icecream. Okay, so the icecream wasn't anywhere near healthy but damn it was good!!

Yesterday was one of those nesting days. I did a wool wash of cardigans and blankets and hats and mittens and booties. I napisan'd the baby gowns and stretch n grows. I cleaned out the baby carseat. I even cooked Chicken Cacciatore and froze for a back up meal down the track!!!

Off to the big wig Dr at Christchurch Women's in 2 hours. Hoping all will be fine. Have been taking my medication religiously and all has been well. I stopped the low dose aspirin 2 weeks ago because you have to finish it a couple of weeks before delivering just in case you have to have surgery as the aspirin thins the blood and can make clotting a problem. The reason I was on it was to prevent the pre eclampsia. Apparently it has had rave reviews in the last couple of years as to prevention in mother's that are high risk. Seems to have worked so I can't complain.

So, will update later - maybe - as to how it went.

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