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Wednesday, October 26


Just a real quick one to say:

Didn't go to weigh in tonight, forgot and ate Indian instead.
Party was excellent, I was last one still partying at 4.45am!!
Have had a terrible eating week but lots of fun!!

Catch up soon.

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Wednesday, October 19

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 16

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 103.5kg
Loss/Gain: +700g
Kgs to Goal: 38.5kg

Really, this should have been titled "Crying". Now, I know better than anyone that my premenstrual week is always a gain week. But I had so much to back me up to make it a loss. Then today hit and all the signs pointed to a gain. I couldn't go number two's again. Fucken nervous systerm. Something about weigh in day makes my sphincter clamp shut. And then I got to weigh in and the bloody right scales were unmanned and the only scale I could go to was the one with the stupid woman who is my all time jinx. And sure enough - got off the scales and was told "Gain, 700g"

So, I am back up to 103.5kg. And I hit my 30's as a fat hundy chic. I don't know why this has gutted me so much. I suppose it is the downside of setting yourself a challenge. If you don't perform the psychological effect can be immense. I actually nearly started to cry when jinx woman told me. I wanted to punch her and say "It's all your fault". I relaxed at the weekend - sure. But I had points up my sleeve for it. I didn't use hardly any of my bonus points from last week's exercise. Yesterday I had two poached eggs on multigrain toast for breakfast, a Feta and tomato toasted sandwich, yoghurt and fresh fruit salad for lunch, a low point homemade malaysian Peanut Chicken Satay with Basmati rice for dinner and some cruskits for snacks. Today I had a grapefruit, a pear, some nutrigrain with lite soy and a piece of multigrain toast with tomato and a small serve of feta for breakfast, 2 small olive and herb pita breads with 98% fat free honey roasted chicken breast, tomato, lettuce and lite mayo for lunch, another pear and an apple for afternoon tea and a yoghurt for morning tea. I did Tae Bo on Monday morning, biked 10km last night and then got up and did Tae Bo again this morning. I have stuck strictly to points every day so far this week. Even went one point under on Monday. And I earnt 8.5 bonus points just in the last three days. Amazing that the scales can have such a profound effect on me. It made me feel and act fat. I felt slimmer today. After scales I felt terrible and bloated and fat. And I came home and bought fish and chips for tea and got a hazlenut snickers bar. I not only feel sick and defeated but I know that I consciously made the choice to binge because the scales weren't kind. I know that it is probably all fluid gain and that I would have lost it next week but, somehow, that just didn't make me feel any better. I had a goal and I fell short by a long shot!!

So I head into my 30's, at midnight, with 3.5kg (nearly half a stone) to go to make the 90's and low self confidence for my party on Saturday night. It is a dress up party with the theme: Blast from the Past. I am dressing up as Janis Joplin and Blair is hoping to dress up as Isaac from the Love Boat (the dark bartender). Hilarious!!

Life has been really great up until tonight. I was feeling so in control and positive. I feel healthy and full of energy. Now I feel deflated and like a pile of steaming dog shit.

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Monday, October 17

Tae Bo Your Ass Billy Blanks!!

Got up this morning and sweated away with Billy Blanks doing Tae Bo. At one point I was actually answering him and yelling away like a plonker. But, I did it - at 6.15am no less. And I have finished another day in organised worksville. Beds made and all.

This is not going to be a long one, have just washed and dried the dishes and am gong to settle down to watch Desperate Housewives. I relate so Lynette, the blonde stressed out mother.

Today had wholegrain vitabrits for breakfast with lite soy milk and a pear. Two cruskits with marmite for morning tea. A feta and tomato wholegrain toasted sandwich for lunch with a berry crumble Yoplait yoghurt and an apple. Another apple for afternoon tea and for dinner, homemade burgers with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and avocado, mayo and tommie sauce. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

Am on track, although the old fluid is building up in the PMT week. I don't expect to reach the 90's - it is pretty much impossible in the premenstrual week. But, I am rocking my way there pretty quickly.

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Thursday, October 13


Before we get upset about this we must realise that I actually handled KFC. An unorganised dinner time tonight led to me out buying gumboots for Blair at 8pm. WTF!!! Anyway, the kids had tea and we hadn't and I wanted something fast. Went through the drivethru. And I got:

A works burger
A small potato and gravy.

Yes, I finally had something click in me. I can have things like this on the odd occasion. But, and here's the breakthrough moment, I don't have to go mad just because I am allowing myself a treat. I can have the treat in a normal amount. I can control myself.

Have stuck to points. Whoops, actually I have gone 2 pts over as I had a yoghurt for dessert. Oh well. I'm okay.

Didn't bike this morning as I have done something to my gammy knee.

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Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday Weigh In - Week ??

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Goal Weight: 65kg
Current Weight: 102.8kg
Loss/Gain this week: -1.0kg
Kgs Lost so Far: 7kg

Yes dedicated followers!! A two week absence doesn't seem to have been too bad for the "oh so natural" one. A 1.0kg loss!! And all while desperately needing to do No. 2's. For some unknown reason my body goes into "nervous tension" mode on Weigh in day and something stops my colon from working normally.

Still leaves me 4kg to hit the 10% mark by next week and 2.9kg to get to the magic "90's" by my 30th birthday. But, as I said yesterday, as long as I am happy and healthy and moving in the right direction - things are great!!!

Got up this morning, biked my 5km in 13mins 26 secs, organised as hell, beds made, dishes done, out the door, at work on time. Weetbix (well technically - Vitabrits, they are 98% wholegrains so I tried them instead) and banana with lite soy for breakfast. K-time raspberry and yoghurt twist bar for morning tea. 98% fat free honey roasted chicken breast, feta, tomato and lettuce sandwich for lunch with a pear and a Yoplait Cheesecake yoghurt. Dried apricots for afternoon tea and my favourite Lasagne for tea. This is about 9.5pts for a big piece of Lasagne. Uses fresh lasagne sheets, premium lo fat mince, pasta sauce and - the cheese sauce is only put on the top and it consists of a 250g pottle of garlic and chives cottage cheese and a 250g of lite cream cheese mixed. Topped with a sprinkling of grated edam cheese. Yummi'flipin'licious.

Really enjoyed my WW meeting. Was great and I got a free "Change 4 Good" booklet and this is a wee quote out of it that I loved and totally identified with:

Babies learn to walk like this:

Start out well.... Fall down... Crawl back into position.... OK. Time to get up again

None of us would ever expect a baby to simply get up and walk, but some of us do expect that we can go from our start weight to our Goal weight without any "whoops", "ouch" or toe-bumping moments.
Humans are imperfect creatures (sorry to say) and as humans, we can all expect some setbacks along any path to change.

I will leave you with that!!

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Tuesday, October 11

The Traps of the Office Lunch

Being the progressive funky company, we do Team Meetings once a month and at said Team Meetings we have Team Lunches. Luckily I knew ahead of schedule about this and could plan. I had a light brekkie with only 3pts worth of toast with Lime marmalade. Had no morning tea and then had a chicken and corn vol au vent, one club sandwich and half a muffin for lunch. Totalled 10pts. Had water with lunch and a coffee for afternoon tea. Didn't have anything to eat after work and we didn't eat dinner till 8pm. The kids had already been fed by my parents before I picked them up. Bonus!! So Blair and I could have something spicy. Had Thai Coconut, Chilli and Lime stirfried chicken on basmati rice. Then had a Pinky bar for dessert. And I came in 1.5pts over. But, I had gotten up early and biked my 5km in 13 mins 11 secs, so ..... cheated a bit and used the bonus points earnt by that ride and therefore, was still on track with points!

Two days in a row!!

Organised, on track, exercising and eating yummy food to boot!! And all this while having the temptation of Coke in the fridge. It has been there since Sunday and that is two days more than any other bottle of coke has sat in our fridge.

Am back to WW tomorrow night after a two week absence due to lack of funds. Excited but also nervous. I still have one week to go on my challenge and have 5kgs to go. Would hate to be totally off the mark by having a gain. Then again, as long as I hit 30 feeling like I am sending my life and health in the right direction then, I can only be happy - aye??

Hope everyone else is as pumped up as I am for the coming warmer months.

Just bought a top off Trade me that had never been worn in a size 18. Not sure if it will fit as I still have major breasts but, a little bit more gone and I'm sure it will look fab!

I also bought this one for my sister. Had the great idea that this could be passed back to me when I hit goal!! Crafty huh??

Here's a close up to show paisley detail.

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Monday, October 10

Yay, Things Are Pumping

Things just seem to be falling into place, finally.

First day officially at work today and I was on fire. Started with having the house and kids etc all sussed last night. Now, I got up at 6.20am and biked 5km in 13 mins and 24 secs. Then I cooked up some brown rice for my lunch. Mixed it with some tinned salmon and some sweet chilli sauce with ginger and coriander. Had a tamarillo before I biked to give me that little carb boost. Read on the Special K Duathlon website, under the nutrition part, (or was it the training part?), that it was important to have a drink and a small carb portion before exercising. So I had a tamarillo
and a glass of water. Had two more tamarillos for morning tea. Then had my brown rice and salmon creation for lunch. No afternoon tea and came home and had to scrape together a dinner made out of whatever was left in the house. Day 14 of our fortnightly pay period and it was old mother hubbards house. We had Watties Steakhouse patties and veges. Not very exciting but completely in my points.

So how is this for my first working day: exercise - check, organised - check, enjoyed work - check, healthy eating - check, water - check, no snacking after work - check, completely within points - check. Friggin legend - check.

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Friday, October 7

Burnt on Trademe

Okay, so - after singing the praises of Trademe I have to say I have had my first bad experience. I paid for 2 pumpkin patch tops and an urban angel skirt for Peta.

Here is the photo that was on TradeMe:

What arrived was the items that were listed and shown, but in a disgusting state. The white top is all stained and filthy. I wouldn't even stick something like that in a clothing bin! The pink top has a yellow stain on the back that is gross and the skirt has been ripped down one side and had a hatchet job done on it to sew it up. I was so gutted. I don't expect brand new items but I think it is only common decency to write in the auction if the stuff is shit!! I am going to post the worst comment. I have emailed but the bitch hasn't bothered to reply to me so she is getting the feedback from hell!!

Have had so many great suggestions on how to avoid the "danger zone". Thanks guys. Zara, I think taping the piehole shut is probably the most drastic yet probable the most workable!! LOL. The suggestions that I have dinner earlier is great but not practicle. The danger zone is 5pm till dinner is served. I finish work at 5.15pm and then go and pick the kids up and will arrive home at around 5.45pm. Then I have to make tea. Blair has said he is going to pick his game up as he finishes at 4.30pm and will be home before me and said he will make dinner/tea. The likelihood of this actually happening is about 0.00001%. It may happen for a day or two but he will soon slip into male mode and expect one of my culinary delights. Actually, I have to be fair, I find his cooking rather substandard. I am a bit of a control freak and find that he does things his way and they are just not up to par!! I know, it is terrible of me and I will probably have to build a bridge. So, the suggestions of healthy snacks are probably the ones I will go with. KiwiGalsRock, I would love to go to the gym after work but three little darlings demand that I don't have that luxury!!

I have a great thing happening. Blair is deciding that he wants to eat all healthy and get fit too. Now, this makes things a lot easier in the fact that I will be able to create the famous "no fail environment" that I have always longed to have. I mean, it is all fine and dandy to dictate what the kids will have but Blair is another story. Actually, he has the cheek to suggest that he becomes my trainer. Trainer in what?? Bloody drinking and eating. Men always think they can kick your arse in anything don't they? I suppose the upside of this is that I am determined to get way fitter than him and be able to say "Train that mother f*%er"!

Food has been average. The bread is the demon in my house at the moment. Jen has a great entry on sugar/carbs etc which I really related to and am hoping that I can implement a bit of her ideas. I mean, no bloody white carbs or processed sugary crap would be a start wouldn't it. I think I radiate to bread because it is so easy just to slap some spread on and shovel in.

Enough whining. Ciao

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Wednesday, October 5

One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

I have decided to sell a few things on Trade Me (kiwi version of Ebay). Have bought plenty on it, usually bloody diet books!! But, last week decided to offload a couple of items of clothing that I have that are too big for me now. I mean, why have them sitting in the wardrobe tempting me to get back into them??

So I have listed a couple of things and made $33 for 3 things!! So, that is $33 for interim sized clothing for me. I mean, I don't see the point in splashing out on new clothes when I intend to keep losing. So, have bought a nice stripey top for work and have bought Peta three pumpkin patch things. Feeling pretty bloody "bargain hunter of the year" right now!

Full day at work went well yesterday. Went throught the invoicing procedure that only happens a couple of days a month. Was quite involved, as have never used Accountant's Office or MYOB before, but I got the gist of it by the end of the day. Eating was excellent while at work. Had two pieces of multigrain toast for breakfast with avocado and sliced tomato, seasalt and cracked pepper. Then for morning tea had a small slice banana cake and a pear. (Yes, I know, I made a banana cake on Friday and at 6pts for one small piece it is a frickin nightmare to have in the house!!). For lunch I had a lettuce, avocado, tomato and black olive salad with a light spray of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. And a mandarin and a tamarillo. Then a drink of blackcurrant juice for afternoon tea. Then had a homemade Chicken Thai Green Curry with Basmati rice for tea. Would have been completely in points range if it hadn't been for the three pieces of bread with lite butter that I shovelled in to the abyss while waiting for tea. So, once again, I come to the problem of that danger zone. That period between getting home from work and sitting down for dinner. How do I suppress the hunger to allow time to get the dinner in???

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Monday, October 3

The New Job

Started for my first morning at the new job today. Loved it!! Completely different feel to the other place. Premises are all light and airy. I am on front desk and have floor to ceiling glass in front of me. Processes are all in place and everything runs smoothly. Was learning the invoicing structure and how the accountant's work with their timesheets etc. Completely different to anything I have ever worked with. Every 6 mins are accounted for in some sort of coding/job sort of way. It is just so organised, I love it!! And one of the partners asked me to reword a blurb about the company in around 40 words. She said there are going to be plenty of instances where she is going to require me to help with the marketing side of things. I love marketing so I am pumped up to the max.

Bonus of being at work?? Eating in a way more structured manner!! Had breakfast and then a pear for morning tea. Was back home for lunch today, but in future will have lunch at work and tea/dinner will already be organised for the evening. Just not all that much time to eat. And, will have to have a strategy in place for that danger zone of 5pm - 6.30pm. This has always been my HUNGRY time and I usually randomly stuff food items into my cake hole without even blinking. So, I need to have some sort of chewing gum/muesli bar/carrot stick sort of strategy so that I don't max out on the points at this time of day. Maybe a scroggin style mix with seeds, nuts and raisins.

Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments on my new blog theme. I love love love it and appreciate the comments. It took a bit of time to incorporate my things into it (eg tagboard, site meter etc) but was worth it. I am feeling so great about this side of my life at the moment. Just have to work on the man side of things now. We seem to be miscommunicating and have been for around 2 weeks. I feel like I talk but no one is listening and I think he feels that I go against everything that he says with regard to the kids. Feels like a neverending battle but we will get there. Leigh sent me a great email about this sort of thing and I may just post some of it here (have to ask her permission first).

I recall, many many weeks ago saying about the Oprah show that had all the healthy foods etc on it. I never did get around to posting those things so will try and get onto it this week, as it is pretty good info.

By the way, I did go and buy my veges and fruit as promised. Didn't go to the organic market I wanted to go to as I just couldn't be stuffed with town traffic. And with TOM being a visitor, I was doubley as strung up as usual, so went to another place instead. Spent $40 on fruit and veg and got: kumara, parsnips, carrots, tamarillos, pears, kiwifruit, oranges, avocados, bananas, tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, potatoes, zucchini and some tomato and cheese sausages!! I know, the sausies aren't quite the healthy thing but it is barbie season afterall and they do have tomato in them!! And I made a fresh juice on Sunday morning. I used 4 grapefruit, an orange and 2 tangelos and got one cup of juice. It was tasty but all frothy. And it took bloody ages to clean the juicer machine. But definitely gave me a good citrus burst.

Love you guys for all the support. And Lynise, do get that journal up and running again, it is the best form of therapy I have ever found.

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Saturday, October 1

A New Look and A Fresh Feel

What do you think?? I LOVE it so, if you don't then tough! I love love love purple tulips. My absolute fav flower and I was a bit sick of the green blogger template. I got this design from Caz (see link in credits at bottom left of blog). She has some excellent designs.

So I feel fresh and new and am on track already with weetbix, banana and soy lite for brekkie. Am off to get lots of veges and fruit as per my plan for the weekend. May even do up a juice or two. In saying that, better get going as changing the template has taken me a while as I add in all my personal touches. Haven't got all my links up yet, only Angel, Lyn and DG. Will have you all in there soon and then I will feel completely satisfied on the blog front.

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