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Tuesday, November 21

Just a Quickie

Well, my oldest is 8 years old. Officially 6 years until she can legally babysit.

She was stoked with her new bike and thinks she's as cool as a cucumber now that she has a "big" bike. I spent yesterday making the icecream cake and today (post membrane sweep) has been spent making the Ginger Lemon Pie (base one pack of gingernuts crushed with about 60g softened butter and filling = one can condensed milk, 1 cup lemon juice and 1 carton whipped cream) and making Fruit Kebabs (consisting of a piece of fresh pineapple, half a fresh strawberry, one fresh red grape and with a pink marshmallow at one end and a white marshmallow at the other - all on iceblock sticks so no sharp ends). I have defrosted the mini chocolate eclairs that you buy at New World that are filled with custard and cream and topped with real Belgian chocolate. And with the Icecream Cake I hand made yesterday it will be the best little pudding party ever.

Had membrane sweep at 10.30am. Cervix ripe and favourable, 2 cm dilated but still a bit on the thick side. She could feel head which is in right central position and waters were bulging. If I don't go before hand, she estimates a delivery time of mid arvo Thurs. Let's see if I can beat Chris's 39 min labour!!

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