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Wednesday, November 30

This Ole Wagon is a Rollin'

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 103.5kg
Loss/Gain: -700g
Kgs Lost: 6.3kg
Kgs to Goal: 38.5kg

Stoked, back on the trail with a vengance. That cheese grater and picnic haven't done too much damage!!

Have had a great couple of days with cereal for brekkie and plenty of fruit and wholegrain breads, avocado and tomatoes. Dinner has been the downfall. Blair has taken on the tea duties and has made sausages last night and lamb chops tonight. It is a bit hard but I am eating really well during the day to compensate for the fattier meats at night!! Last night was at A and E for a couple of hours with Ben. He jumped over Peta in the back yard and tripped and fell and landed on his elbow and has fractured it and is in a cast with his arm bent. He was such a brave wee man.

Who watched Oprah last night (kiwi gals)? It was the one that I have been going on about for ages and never got around to posting the info on. Had all the good foods to eat etc. Really informative if you can deal with Oprah and her silly little comments all the way through it.

Don't worry about me old buddies re: the pre period pain. Before I got pregnant with Phoebe I had horrific period issues, ended up having the IUD taken out and was on a 3 month break from it, after many tests and ultrasounds, when I did become pregnant. (Yes, I am extremely fertile). The next step was to check out what was going on in the bowel, as there is a right hand turn in the ileocaecal juncture that can often have problems and it can flair up at menses time due to the swelling etc. I know, too much information. But, whole point of this little yarn is to reassure you caring old souls that I am fine!!

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Monday, November 28

Help!! - There's a Cheese Grater In My Right Ovary

Yes, I am having absolutely terrible period pains, actually - I haven't even got the period part yet, just frickin pains.

As for the wagon ride - well, I was readying my bulbous body to haul itself back onto the wagon when the little picnic I stopped for called out to me to "come, stay a while". So, I did. All weekend in fact.

But, I eventually bid farewell to the picnic delights and jumped up on the wagon and am roaring across the prairie right this second as if the Indians were chasing me. Have had a lovely healthy point friendly day. Even though I could hear those barstards back at the picnic hollering at me all the way back on the wagon trail. But, I didn't turn the horses around. I kept on going.

So, hope all you cow poke are doing the travelling as well. Happy trails!!

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Saturday, November 26

12 Things About Me

12 MOVIES THAT I LOVE (In no particular order.)
1. Whale Rider
2. The Power of One
3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
4. Elf
5. Garden State
6. The Neverending Story
7. Return of the Jedi
8. Once Were Warriors
9. In My Father’s Den
10. Happy Gilmour
11. The Shawshank Redemption
12. Chronicles of Narnia (now I haven’t seen this yet but I know I will love it)
1. Tool
2. Metallica
3. Tracey Chapman
4. Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac
5. Destiny’s Child
6. Cold Chisel
7. Powderfinger
8. Trinity Roots
9. The Feelers
10. The Eagles
11. Black Sabbath
1. My birthday is 20th October 1975
2. I have 2 younger brothers (26 & 23), one younger sister (28) and an older half sister who I hardly know (about 38)
3. I have 3 children, one long-haired black and white cat and a fiancé.
4. I live within 2.5km of my parents, one brother and my younger sister (and they don’t all live together.
5. I am a qualified veterinary nurse.
6. I have curly dark brown hair.
7. I hate gardening, but one day think I will love it.
8. I want to own a horse by the time I am 40.
9. I want to own my own business.
10. I am paranoid about dying.

1. Kim
2. Jenn
3. Sandi
4. Mish
5. Amy
6. Nic
7. Megan
8. Leigh (yes, you!)
9. Zara (and yes, you too!!)
1. Bundaberg Lemon, Lime & Bitters
2. Garlic Naan breads with Butter Chicken
3. Almonds
4. V8 vege juice
5. Fresh Salmon
6. Tiramisu
7. Creamy Blue Cheese
8. Jamie Oliver’s Fish Pie
1. Knickers
2. Bra
3. Moisturiser
4. Some of Phoebe’s food
5. Deodorant
6. A smile
7. Shoes
1. Losing control
2. Being too controlling
3. Financial stress
4. Ill health/obesity
5. Bigots
6. The smell of rotten farts
1. Obsess about losing weight
2. Long for something I don’t have
3. Eat
4. Tell my man I love him.
5. Long for more hours in the day
1. McLeod’s Daughters
2. Downsize Me
3. Scrubs
4. Lost
1. Christchurch NZ
2. Greymouth NZ
3. Palmerston North NZ
1. Health, Wealth and Happiness
2. A Holden Commodore V8 clubsport (horny baby)
1. My aunty, she died 2001, I loved her and miss her dearly.

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Friday, November 25

The Lost Boys

Now, who remembers this timeless classic from the rip roaring 80's?? Just as I sat down to start my first "full on catch up on other people's blogs for ages" session, this classic started on Prime. Now, I am tempted to change channels to watch Rove in half an hour, but how can I? The music is great, Cold Chisel is thrown in there, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Keifer Sutherland. A classic. And they have the coolest Alaskan Malamute (sp??). I want one!!

Okay, trip down memory lane is over.

After two excellent days tracking ..... Pizza. That is all I am saying. It is done, it is over. I stopped the wagon for a picnic, I have hopped back on and we are on the trail again.

Now, did I tell you in all the confusion that I bought new jeans for the first time in fricking ages? I am talking about actual jeans. Denimn jeans. I have not bought jeans for fucking years. I lie, I bought a pair of fake jeans, you know, they look like jeans but they are not actually real heavy denim. And the best thing, the jeans were size 18!!!! The try-hard ones from a few years ago were size 24!! Things are weird in my head about it all. I mean, I am only 5.6kg down, officially as of Wednesday night, but I seem to be able to fit all these way smaller clothes. I know I still retain a shitload of fluid in the old cankles so maybe that accounts for some of it.

A bit sick of trying to analyze every little thing about the weight thing. So, I will just go with it. I am a size 18 and I had better damn well enjoy it. Have a lovely day people.

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Wednesday, November 23

And the Damage is.....

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 104.2kg
Loss/Gain: +700g
Kgs Lost: 5.6kg
Kgs to Goal: 39.2kg

Not really too bad for a month of wayward wonton eating. I don't mean actually eating wontons, I mean sort of haphazardly. Tomorrow I am back on the wagon, horses are hitched, feedbags are full and we are off heading across the prairie of weightloss and health.

I have been eating pretty well and it is premenstrual week, as it was a month ago when I had the horrific "Gain" the night before my 30th birthday. So, I am pretty confident that I have maintained and not really gained over the past month of down in the dumpedness.

So, pick your bottom lip up off the floor, stop using all those Xmasy functions as an excuse to pig out and join me in the downhill slide to Christmas and New Year. I have 5 weighins before New Year. I sure as hell don't plan to let some socialising and hilarity stand in my way of hitting 2006 in the double digits. I refuse to hit another year as a triple figured fatty.

I need that bloody 10% goal to be reached. I need that fricking little token that WW gives out when you reach it. 98.8kg is that goal. That is 5.4kg needed to be gone for good. Let's get going Julesee and reach that goal - for fuck's sake.

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Wednesday, November 16

Where Do I Start??

I know, I know, long time no see.

I have obviously been extremely busy. Not only with work, which is busy but great, but also with life in general. It's that time of year where everyone is demanding your time. Social situations for Africa!! And, a bit of the old depression/anxiety has reared it's ugly head. Have had a few weeks of quite hard times in the old head department and my self image has taken a plummet. I haven't gone to Weight Watchers since that horrible pre-birthday weighin. I don't think I have put any weight on, who knows. The clothes are still feeling loose and I received heaps on compliments at the wedding on Saturday. Had a great time with some old buddies and had an all nighter!! Blair and I sat down and yarned for hours about where we want to be and how we want to get there.

So, things may be looking up. I need to face the facts that I can't afford to give up on the Weight Watchers thing. I would have gone tonight but I only have $12 and that is not enough to catch up on 4 weeks unpaid fees!! I can make it next week though and will be there with bells on. Well, maybe minus the bells as I don't really need anything extra to up the scales. I have come a long way in my terms and I need to keep going. I need to not let the mind games fuck up the health for me. I am going to work out the head shit. I have before and will again. I think the whole new job, full on life thing is hard but I need to cope with it and get on. So, next week I head back to Chub Club and see what the month's abscence has done on the scale front. Then I go hard. And that doesn't mean that the next week is going to be a blast out. I need veges and fruit. I need them so much. I need water and from tomorrow morning I am on 26 pts recorded every day again. I am still breastfeeding morning and night. It may be time to think about ceasing, but for the moment I am hanging on to my little bond with my last bubba!!

Here's to a restart of a journey that I refuse to turn back on.

Thanks for all your comments and worry. It is so nice to know that everyone out there is behind me all the way and I can't wait to catch up on all of you and see where you are at. I have honestly missed reading about my online buddies and it has been quite lonely without the constant little tidbits.

Let's get it on!!!!!!!!!!1

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Saturday, November 12

Hello People

I am here, I am alive and I am doing nothing on the healthy person front. I have had a few weeks of mental anguish, maybe over turning 30, maybe over all the social events. In any case, I will update soon. Off to a wedding this afternoon and hopefully will catch up on some blogs tomorrow and update a good and proper entry on my own.

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