The Renovation of Jules

Monday, November 13

Just Over a Week

I had a rather good weekend. Had a few full on random contractions on Friday between 4pm and 7pm. And before you query how I know this, let's remember this is the fourth child I have carried and I sure as hell know what a contraction feels like compared to Braxton Hicks. The upside of this was that I finally got a bit freaked and decided to sort my shit out and got the bag I need for my trip to hospital. I have half pie packed it even!! I bought a bassinett mattress for the bassinett we have in our room and I even got it out of the sleepout ready to make up. I have gone through a giant bag of old clothes that was to be garage saled, and found all the baby cardigans, hats and singlets. Bloody relief that I wasn't organised enough to ever have that garage sale. Now I don't really have to buy any new stuff (although I will!!).

Have made up template for my fresh start blog, which I will release in all it's glory when the fourth child arrives. I have made it a bit more general so that it not only concentrates on my extra cellular mass but also on all other aspects of me. This blog has always had the title "The Renovation of Jules" and, in it's own way, that has been what it was about. But, not really running along the vein I had intended. There was the renovation of my post baby no 3 weight, and then the renovation of my working life and then the unexpected renovation of my uterus - AGAIN!! So, quite fittingly, renovation will not be included in the new title. Suits me fine as we are building from scratch for our new home and may as well start the whole thing with a new foundation on the body/mind front as well.

Blair (my fiance for those that may not know) is going through a hell of a time with sinus and psoriasis issues at the moment. I know my slackness in the kitchen is very much to blame but he has plenty of beer in his diet that does not help at all!!!

I haven't been too bad anyway. Saturday night we had lamb chops on BBQ, curried egg salad, greek salad and mashed potato. Last night we had StirFry Beef with Hokkein Noodles and tonight we are having One Pot Basil Pesto Chicken (minus the Basil Pesto!!). Basically chicken breasts, brown rice, brocolli and carrots all cooked in a real chicken stock with a few garlics and spices thrown in for good measure. Should be lovely.

I'm actually very impressed with Blair at the moment. Seeing me in the depths of despair with depression over the last couple of weeks he did something that one only does out of pure love. He shaved off the disgusting moustache that he knows aggrevates me so much (only grows it about once a year) and right at the start of Movember as well!! Wonders will never cease.

Keep those grocery bill estimates coming in (see last post and a big thanks to Chris and Kate!!) and I can make a decision on my budgeting.

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