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Friday, September 30

She's Gone!!!!!!!!!! BWAHHAHHAHHHA

Jordis has left the building!! She had pretty much had enough and wasn't performing to her potential and is out of there. I cried with her!!
That is all I will say.

I am just giving a quick entry to update everyone on where I am. I have been busy with the old school holiday buzz and Phoebe is still sick and we can now add Ben to the mix as he is sick too!!

Signed, sealed and delivered the contract, start on Monday morning for a half day, Tuesday for a whole day and then have the rest of the school holidays off and start officially on the 10th Oct.

I didn't go to WW this week as I just could not afford it. I tell you what, it will be a blessing when the pay packet from the new job finally starts coming in. I did weigh myself at my sister's place yesterday and was 102kg. Her scales weighed me the same as WW ones last week but being that all scales are temperamental, we can't confirm the accuracy of that measurement. But hopefully I have lost a little.

Am finding adjusting to 6 less points a day quite a hard job. I have cut down to only 2 breastfeeds a day and therefore have given myself the bottom quota of allowable b/feeding points, which is 26. I still have to do a bit of daily allocating though. Seem to eat way too many points at the end of the day and then still go over. Not good.

Am still not exercising. Blah!! Not too worried at the moment. I am hoping to find a whole new groove when I start work. There is just no way I can work fulltime, organise three kids and run a household, all the while fitting in time for myself and Blair, without implementing some sort of routine. I might be like the Supernanny and do up a wallchart with all of our routines on it. I will put it somewhere discreet though.

I have 3 weeks till the big three O!! Semi freaking out. Don't know why, just am. Am praying to reach my 10% but, at this point people, would just jump for joy if I could become a 90's girl. Please please let me be a 90's girl.

Bonus of the Week:

Having no clothes to wear on a cold day when had to go to hand in my contract. Wore and wore well: pair of brown pants that I have not been able to wear in over 5 years. When I was in the mid 90's!! Size 18 NZ. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose all good things can't happen at once so I have to be grateful for them one at a time.

Goals for the Weekend:

Eat a shit load of veges and fruit.
Go for a walk.
Drink lots of water.

Goals for early next week:

Exercise damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track, track, track!!
Enjoy new job and be confident and organised.

Goals for end of next week:

Hang out with kids and enjoy last of the school hols with them. Do something fun that involves healthy food and exercising. eg bike park with yummy picnic lunch.
Go to weight watchers.
keep tracking, exercising.
Plan my routine for the family and inform them of it.
Get school uniforms sussed for summer for Peta and Ben.
Celebrate Phoebe's half birthday on Oct 6th, Thursday. (Hasn't 6 months flown by??)

So much for the quick update

Have a lovely weekend my fellow pie eaters.

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Friday, September 23

Random Drug Testing, Peta's Perspective and Changing Uniforms

Why is it that a school decides to change their summer uniform without informing the parents?? I went to the kids' school website to check what socks the boys should wear in summer and found that the whole girl's uniform has been changed. I have just shelled out for white ankle socks for Peta and now I find that they should now be navy or grey ankle socks. And they no longer wear navy cullottes, they now wear navy drill shorts. You think they would let the people that buy the friggin uniforms know this vital information. Buggers.

My poor wee 6 year old ("I'm nearly 7 Mum!!") is going through the horrible joys of life at the moment. She has a little friend at school that just went on a little holiday to the Australian Gold Coast. She told a couple of her wee friends, including Peta, that she would be bringing them back a present. Peta was very excited about this. I tried to let her be aware of the fact that people don't always do what they say they are going to do and to not be disappointed if she didn't. Anyho, this wee lass got back this week and brought 3 presents to school for, supposedly, the 3 girls she had said she was going to bring them for. As school girl relationships have it, she has decided that one of the other girls will get a present ahead of Peta. Now, my wee Peta is a very emotional wee lass. She has a great heart and goes out of her way to be nice to people and, even though it has happened a number of times, refuses to believe that people won't stick to what they say. This morning she came out with a shoe box full of little beads and a couple of crayons. She said "Mum, I hope you don't mind but I am going to give this present to O (little holiday returning girl)". I opened the box and inside was a note to O.
Dear O, you have one lovele present left. You pinke promsed me that you would bring me a present. Luv Peta

Ohh bless. The wee darling is already learning how to guilt people into doing stuff. There were much tears as I explained that she would not be able to take that "gift" and that it was not really appropriate to give O the note. I explained all about friendship being about the memories and feelings and comradery and to not get hung up on the gift. She cried more and told me she was angry at O for promising and then not doing what she said. I explained that this happens all the time in life and that she should not be angry but stand proud and deal with it strongly. Ben (my middle child, 5 yrs) gave her a hug and said "It's your birthday soon Peta and you will get a hundred presents so don't worry". Children. We have so many lessons to teach them.

As for the Random Drug Testing: Has anyone ever had a contract that has Random Drug Testing written into it? I have not yet signed my contract and am going to be questioning the inclusion of this clause. I mean, I am the administrator for an accountant, why the hell the need for such an invasive random procedure. It says, failure to comply with required tests for non-prescription drugs, stimulants and alcohol will be classed as serious misconduct and result in immediate dismissal. it does not say what will happen if you willingly do the tests and come up with a positive result. I am going to enquire more. I don't have a problem - I quite openly admit to having the occasional green cigarette over the course of a year. I do not smoke on any big level. Probably once a month in social situations - if that. But, I do not see what that has to do with my employer!! I am not flying a plane or working on high buildings. I am sitting in a friggin office. This is a dilemma for moi as I am quite high on sticking to my own ethical and moral high ground (excuse the pun). Any advice, experience, comments would be much appreciated.

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Thursday, September 22

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 13

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 103.8kg
Kgs Lost: 6kg
Kgs to Goal: 38.8kg

Holy shit - I lost 300g! I have now lost a whopping 6kg which is un-flippin-believable considering the mass quantities of food consumed over the weekend. May catch up on me next weigh in though. Update soon.

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Tuesday, September 20

Off the Wagon

Yes, I have fallen off the wagon. With a gigantic thud. Actually, I have fallen off and been left miles back on the prairie looking around for Laura Ingalls and hoping like hell that the Indians aren't going to turn up on their Pintos to scalp my fat noggin!!

It started on Thursday with Fish and Chips for tea. I managed to pile a burger, a fish, a hot dog and a handful of chips into my pie hole (thanks Zara!!) at the speed of light. And I was completely not even feeling full so washed it down with some raspberry and coke. Quick estimate of about 40 points in one foul swoop!! Then Friday had a good start to the day with Muesli and soy, a wholegrain salad sandwich for lunch and things were looking fine!! Then I failed to eat when hungry so then became over hungry and while dropping Blair at the pub, called into McDonald's Drive Thru (mental note: Drive Thrus's should be illegal as they make it too easy for fatties to drive up and order without even thinking about the consequences). Quickly slipped a Quarter Pounder into the order for the kids. Wolfed down said Quarter Pounder in a matter of seconds while driving back to my sisters. Left wrapper in car (of course). Didn't want to admit to consuming burger in moment of weakness. Then, ate a couple of the kids McNuggets. Then sat down and ate Butter Chicken with my sister and her husband. Could not finish!! (Really, not any room in your tum for a real meal). Drank two KGB Black Russian premixes. Saturday morning, can't even remember what I had for breakfast, muesli again I think. Can't remember what I had for lunch either. For dinner went to a buffet restaurant with Blair's family. Ate: chicken, baked ham, roast beef, fried fish, chips, mayo, samosas, roast veges, pavlova, chocolate eclair, fruit salad, chocolate mousse and a bit of trifle. Shared a caraffe of coke with Blair. Where are we?? Sunday. Got up early to go to Goose Bay, south of Kaikoura - 2 hours north up the coast from Christchurch. Left in a hurry and thought we would grab some breakfast on the way. Went to Burger King drive thru and this BK didn't do breakfast menu. So had a BK Chicken with cheese. For Breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While driving we ate a packet of Rolos, a packet of mentos and I had a bottle of V. Got to Goose Bay for birthday party. Ate lots of garlic bread, chicken, rice, 2 sausages, chocolate cake, cream, ice cream, and Just Juice Bubbles. Drove home feeling sick. Got home and had a cup of soup and an egg and cheese toastie for dinner. Then the snow hit yesterday, shutting the city down. Had to get supplies in case we were trapped for a couple of days inside. Did I get veges?? Don't be silly. Got mini chocolate eclairs filled with bavarian custard cream and iced with belgian chocolate. Got a roast lamb. Brought some Thai Green Curry chips, some lollies, some Irvines Mince and Cheese Balls, some more fries and just ate heaps all day. Finished day off with lashings of chocolate chippie bisuits washed down with a big mug of milo. And no wonder I am bunged up and feel like a big pile of dog shit. The problem is: I just let myself go. I didn't even try to call that wagon back. I lay in the dust and watched it disappear while stuffing my face. Now I have to walk my arse all the way after the wagon and hopefully find it again.

Okay, sorry for myself whinge is over::

Am off to sign my new contract today at lunch time. They (at new job) have asked me to come in at lunch time (with my lunch) to sign my contract. Okay, what do you take to eat to lunch with new work colleagues that you have never met. Definitely not a souvalaki!! Don't want to take anything unhealthy. Fat people don't eat fat food in front of people they don't know. Nothing that can spill and nothing that reeks!! Water maybe!!

So, have to move my buttocks and get back on track. Need veges, need fruit, need water. Need to organise my house in preparation for fulltime work. Need to win Lotto. Blah blah

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and supportive suggestions. It is so great having this network. I couldn't do it without you all. I must apologise for not having my links to legends up to date. I read so many more journals now but I haven't linked to them.

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Saturday, September 17

Have I Mentioned ... I'm a Job Seeker Extraordinaire??

Of course, I got the other job too!! Then I had to make the sickening phone call to the other place to let them know that I had received a better offer on the career front and, unfortunately, was going to have to resign.

And their response?? Anger? No! Shittiness? No! What then? They pleaded with me to stay. It was horrible. I got offered a $2 an hour payrise, fulltime hours, extended position responsibilities etc etc. But, as I explained, the other job has different aspects to it which are outside the parameters of what I have done before, therefore allowing me to expand my experience and enhance my future career prospects.

So I start officially at the new job on 10th October. They have given me the school holidays at home with the kids. I just have to go in for one and half days on 3/4th Oct to do a bit of training. Scary stuff.

What is scary is that one of my old referees was away when the new job called so the admin manager decided to throw in a good word for me on the manager's behalf. Really great but she decided to go over board a bit and tell them that I was an expert with IT. Ummm, and the new boss said, since you are so good with IT we will get you to manage our website. No problems - is it blogger templated?? Fudge packers!! I may have to do a quick three week course in basic IT. Does anyone actually know what IT encompasses? If so, let me know and I'll see if I can wing it.

Blair and Mum think I am a bit of a smart ass landing two jobs in two weeks but, when you've got it you've got it!! As you can tell, this has not gone to my head at all.

Phoebe is sick again. Lucky Mum and Dad are her new caregivers while I am working. She just has that blocked up snot thing with a bit of a cough thrown in for good measure.

New photo:

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Wednesday, September 14

Wednesday Weigh In -Week 12 ( Really 15)

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 104.1kg
Loss/Gain: -1kg
Kgs Lost: 5.7kg
Kgs to Goal: 39.1kg

How stoked am I?? Have not been to WW since the 17th August and have not put on any weight, in fact, I have lost 1kg!! Really stoked. Can't rest on my laurels though. Have to get to that 10% by my 30th. I think I have 5 weeks to go. Need to get to 98.8kg so still have 5.3kg to go!! That's just over a kg a week. Better get moving.

On the other fronts:

Have started my new job. It is infuriating me at the moment. I started on Monday and have still to learn anything at all that I don't already know how to do. eg: I have learnt how to write up chqs, code up petty cash and batch up creditors. I have done this a thousand times before. Anyway, I was phoned on Thursday last week about another job that I had applied for a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't heard anything so presumed that I wasn't successful in getting an interview. Anyway, had a phone interview with one of the managing directors on Sunday over the phone for 40 minutes and she told me that she thought I sounded awesome. So I went for an interview yesterday after work and they will ring my referees tomorrow morning and then get back to me and have asked me to hold off saying yes to any other jobs until then. I have not told them about the job I have just taken on. I feel terrible as I don't want to be a bitch and leave the other job after a week, but, on the other hand, it is doing my head in. The place has no structure at all. It looks like they have just moved into the offices as there is shit everywhere, but they have been there for years!! And the bus thing is doing my head in as well. You really learn about the city you live in when you use the public transport system. Not flash!!!!

The other job is fulltime but it is not in the city so I can drive and will only be an extra hour later than if I bus to the other part time job. And the biggest plus is that I would be actually getting more money than we were. With this new job I am no better off than I was before I started work, although I am servicing my own debt and no longer relying on my Dad to top up our income on a fortnightly basis.

If I don't get this job then I will sweep the other place upside down and get things in some sort of order.

We'll see. If I get offered the new one I will take it even if I feel like a prize bitch for leaving after a week.

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Thursday, September 8

Word Verification

I have not wanted to do this but have had to as those blasted "anonymous" tags are pissing me off. So, from now on buddies, you will have to spend 5 extra seconds entering the word code to comment. Worth it to get rid of these tedious advertisments.

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

I have decided that I give great advice, especially via comment boards, but I am shit at actually following any of that advice myself. I always go on about the no fail environment and weekly weigh ins. Lately I have constantly kept refilling the cupboards and fridge to be a HUGE failure of an environment. And I am jumping on my home scales every time I friggin well pass them. I am going to give them away to my mother. She may not want them but she is going to get them. Once again, I did not go to Weight Watchers last night. I was planning to but Blair rang me at 5pm (meeting is at 6pm) to say that he was still in Church Bay, about a 45min drive away and that they were still bucketing cement down a steep slope and that he would be home in about another 2 hours. When he got home he was starving so the planned salmon and salad just wasn't going to cut it. So, how did I counteract his hunger. I went and got us all fish and chips and I got coke and I got two giant Trumpets. Not just the normal size ones but the giant mother f-ker ones that would feed a small nation for a few months. As it turns out we didn't eat the Trumpets, they are still in the freezer tempting the hell out of me right now. But I did have a fish, a hot dog, chips and a piece of bread with butter on it. And two glasses of coke. That's right, washed down the gallons of fat with some fizzy, stomach lining dissolving, sugary poison. Why do I fall off the wagon with such a thud at the smallest window of opportunity?? I wank on about getting healthy and setting the house up full of veges and fruit and it is all just crap. When it comes to the actual shopping, I buy more and more shit. Yesterday I refilled the biccie tin with chocolate stripes. And I got a bag of Grainwaves Select just in case we had the nibble desires later on in the evening. I wish some personal trainer and nutritionist guy would come to my house and throw out all the shitty processed fatty sugary crap and replace it with healthy seeds and nuts and salmon and good stuff. And I wish I just had the gumption to stick to my plans that I seem to make on a weekly basis.

I weighed myself last night on my scales - my official weigh in for the week - and was 101kg. Who knows what that would be on the weight watchers ones!!

I should go and get myself a copy of that book that everyone seems to go on about: Confessions of a Reformed Dieter by AJ Rochester. Maybe that would kick start things again.

Work shoes: found!!

Went to Dowsons yesterday and found a pair that fit okay. They are wide and have only have a little bit at the front so there is plenty of room for the fluid to puff out. I ended up buying two pairs as they were only $29.95 each and full leather. I got one black pair and one red. That is one problem solved.

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Monday, September 5

Knockin On Heaven's Door

No, I am not knockin on heaven's door but I think Jordis's version sung on Friday night's INXS: Rockstar was just fan-fucken-tastic. That is one chic that should go far after this programme is all over. Am I sounding a little obsessed? Maybe so. Who cares?

Have been rather good. Walked kids home from school Friday afternoon and to school this morning. They are keeping it around the 29-30min mark and this morning there was not too much whining either. Ben has a new marine style haircut and I think that made him pick the pace up a bit. Funny how kids react to little things like haircuts. Then again, as an Adult, I react to things like haircuts. I feel more confident with a haircut. A good haircut that is. A bad haircut just makes me feel like commiting hair-rage. Similar to road rage but without the cars, road and - yeah, nothing like road rage really!!

Just when we thought the liver-slash-health-slash-paranoia thing was over the old medical centre gives me another call asking me to go for more blood tests. A letter was sent to a gastro specialist re the enlarged spleen and it's relationship with the chubby liver and, as it goes, the gastro specialist guy wants more blood tests. Probably just to cover his own arse should there be anything random floating around. Being the paranoid creature of habit that I am, I did an google search on: enlarged spleen, oedema, hypertension and lookey what I find:

All three are symptoms of a severe liver dysfunction (eg cirrhosis). And throw in excessive bruising, which I have also had lately. Now, I am fully aware that I don't have cirrhosis but, it may just be the warning signs that I shouldn't take this overweight liver thing too casually. I have been exercising - granted. I have been attending Weight Watchers - with the intention of losing weight - check!! But, I have not healthed the foods up too drastically and that is the key to conditioning this liver up. So, this morning, I have had brown bread with avocado and tomato. I have had raisins, I have had a banana, and I have had an apple. I have had juice. I am still not trying too much am I??

I think I am pretty much an all or nothing sort of a character. I can't eat half healthy. It's all or nothing baby. So, Blair has been warned. The shit will be leaving the cupboards. Some may say this is mean, not allowing the kids biscuits etc. Bullshit!! Is it mean to set your kids up to have a healthy lifestyle from the start? Is it mean to install good healthy attitudes into your children from the getgo?? Yes?? Well, then I am going to be mean. The days of craphola food in this little red brick house next to the graveyard are over!! Weekends will be the time for any such treats and, preferrably from the grandparents etc and not from our own house. I am not unrealistic. The odd goodie is going to have to be consumed. This is life afterall. But, if I don't do this for me and my family then they face the risk of not having me in their lives at all due to me being six feet under due to health. So, no more excuses. I need to be real with myself. Is a biscuit or a piece of chocolate worth having a shorter lifespan. Not really. Although some chocolate is "to die for".

Have a good day followers.

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Friday, September 2

Thats What Friends Are For

As the old song goes: "in good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more, That's What Friends Are For".

And you guys are my friends. Thanks for all the support about everything. It is also so great to know that half of us all suffer from the same sorts of things. It makes you feel not so alone.

I went in and signed my contract today. Clause 10.2 states:

"Because the company's business requires constant client contact, it is expected that you will maintain a professional standard of presentation in your dress and your manner in dealing with clients."

Uh oh!! My last job was pretty casual and I don't really have professional attire. So, I am going to have to do some money wrangling and get myself a few essential items. As it is coming into spring/summer, I will have to find a few snazzy shirts and a few nice pairs of dress trousers. Don't think I am ready to share the joy of my oedema laden cankles to the world of business just yet, so skirts are out. And there is my other problem - shoes. How the hell am I going to find a nice pair of shoes that fit wide blowfish feet?? I wish this health would all sort itself out. I think I am going to take a leaf out of Mary's book and start yoga and meditation. I used to meditate all the time and loved it. Really zoned out and it was just out of this world. And I have a Yoga video sitting here that I have not even opened. And, coffee may just have to piss off. I may just limit it to a treat scenario. I love real coffee and am not a great fan of the instant shit I drink at home anyway. Would be much better to get into my herbal teas.

Walked the midgets to school yesterday morning. They were a bit reluctant to get too enthusiastic about the idea, but I think they did quite well. We walked 2.1km in 29mins which is pretty legendary for those two dawdlers!! And then I walked back in 22mins. The shoes are really an issue for me. Currently I am wearing size 7 Mens Warehouse jobbies and they just give me such sore feet.

Enough with the whinging - I don't live in New Orleans so, really, I should shut the hell up.

Have a great night people and I will too. I am going to enjoy watching the performance show of INXS: Rockstar. I think I am addicted!!

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