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Friday, June 30

Following the Herd

So, everyone else has a baby ticker so I thought I may as well join the masses!!

I think I need a fucken (excuse language but it is needed for effect)huge rark up!!

I had to go to Christchurch Women's Hospital the other morning for a referral because of my f-en blood pressure. Of course, I sat there waiting and getting agiated for over an hour and then my blood pressure was 166/94. Then I had this extremely obese, snot dribbling, pen in ear - picking out the wax, Arab registrar who went completely over the top and set me up for a myriad of crazy tests and scans and two - four weekly visits for the rest of my pregnancy!! At first I got angry, nay livid!!! Then last night I thought about it. I bloody well knew that this would happen if I didn't eat healthier. I said out loud to someone that if I didn't do what was needed and the hospital became involved then it would be my own bloody fault. AND IT IS!! I have acted proactively. I have bought a copy of Perfect Blood Pressure and I aim to sort my excretions out and get on to it. I have 3 kids and can not afford to be stuck in hospital by some frickin junior doctor who is following the book to the letter!

Part of my lack of really great eating has been a combination of winter, tiredness and lack of organisation. Really hard to cook something healthy for dinner when I get home at 6pm and there are stuff all groceries. So, have to be on to it get back to weekly menus and grocery lists.

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Wednesday, June 21

Hello There

I have been extremely slack due to being extremely busy, self obsessed and a pregnant fulltime working and studying mother of three. Last week spent 6 days in New Plymouth doing my final workshop for my Diploma of Naturopathy. Was great but exhausting.

My blood pressure has jumped up and I have been told I won't be able to work past 28 weeks. I am currently 16.5 weeks and still about the same weight. I have also been told that I should be trying to attempt to finish my exam for Naturopathy in 3.5 weeks. Do do this I will need to complete 8 units of work in 3 weeks. Impossible?? Of course it is but that makes it all the more challenging aye??

Kids are great.

We have made the decision to move to Australia in May/June next year - Sunshine Coast to be exact. Chasing the Golden Wallet but also the lifestyle. We spend all of winter inside here in Christchurch because it is either too cold or too smoggy and then we spend most of summer inside too because it is always extremely windy.

Will try and update again soon.

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