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Wednesday, November 1

3 Weeks To Go!!

Well, technically 5 weeks to go but the whole maternity team is onboard for a 38 week delivery to reduce chance of having to deal with BP complications. My BP is hovering around 150/90 and that is on the meds 3 x a day. As long as it doesn't go much higher then I should be able to make it to 38 weeks without any complications. I have decided that you blogger buddies are a much needed part of my life and that I have shut that part out in the last couple of months and it has backfired on me. This was always a source for me to let out my feelings etc and as I have not been doing that I have ended up in a paranoid depressed state again and may even have to go under care of Mother & Babies unit to get post natal backup. I never had my issues when I aired them all here!!

So, expect the entries to increase. Am thinking that part of the hassle for me has been the fact that I am still on dial up internet and that it is about time this tight wad sprung the extra 12 bucks a month to be able to have high speed internet access.

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