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Wednesday, August 31

Job Seeker Extraordinaire

As the title may suggest, I landed the first job I applied for. I deserve to feel a bit cocky about this so give me my minute!! It is 30hrs a week as accounts administrator at DTZ, a property management/valuation company. Start in a couple of weeks. Nothing like getting a job to boost the self esteem. Speaking of self esteem:

I have been having a bit of a shit time of it lately. A week and a half ago I was supposed to be heading out for the evening to a BBQ to catch up with old high school buddies. That afternoon I had a panic attack. The first one I have had in over a year. My whole body went into stress mode and I flipped out. I knew the feeling as it started to sweep over me, it always starts in the upper back/neck area. It is terrible when you feel it start and I was pretty powerless to stop it. Poor kids, I sent them outside to play so that they weren't near me and Phoebe was put in her bassinet while I just tried to breathe through it. I have also been having those old "why don't I just drive into a lamp post" feelings. 2 years ago I was given the "clinical depression/social anxiety" diagnosis. I took medication until I found out that I was pregnant with Phoebe. It definitely helped. I don't know what really went wrong that sent me into this spin. Probably a bit of a combination of things. If you sit around the house long enough your life soon starts to lack meaning. Don't take this the wrong way. I love spending time with Phoebe but, I need more than the home thing. Especially with shit money situation and feeling like I am contributing nothing all the time. And then I had the neverending "final units" to finish for my Naturopathy. I find it impossible to study when my head is in this sort of space so, I finally made the decision to give it away for the time being. I spoke to my head tutor to formally withdraw and she said she would leave my file open so that I could still send my units in if things worked out better down the track. She is awesome. So, with that weight finally off of my shoulders, I have been able to concentrate on the future a bit more. Blair has the dream of becoming a fireman. He has had it since he was about 4. Most boys grow out of it but not my man. So, I have said for him to go for it, apply in the November intake and see how he goes. Both of us need to move out of this stagnation that we have got into.

When I went to my interview yesterday it was a lovely day in Christchurch. I felt really great and confident walking the inner city streets and feeling, for the first time in ages, like a person instead of just a milking cow. I really don't want to sound ungrateful, especially when others are trying so hard to get what I have baby wise, but depression picks its arrival time without consulting me. I now have the task of reducing down the breast feeding to 3 times a day. That means that I will have to cut my points down too. Damn it. Will be good though.

I have had so many compliments on how great I am looking in the past week. I still don't know what the scales are saying as I have not been back to Weight Watchers this week either. I just don't have the money at all. I will have to put it off until I start working and things are looking a bit better. I have hopped on my home scales and am just under 100kg on them. But, we all know they are about 3kg out. But that is still the lowest I have ever been on them!!

Have been on a couple of walks but have not been on the bike for a week and a half now. I will be walking the kids to school and home over the next couple of days though. Petrol has gone up again and I just can't afford to be driving around when I have a good pair of feet (stop chuckling those of you who have seen photos of my feet).

Anyway, I had to get a bit of this out and everyone else is in bed so I finally have my chance. Poor Blair is bearing the brunt of my mood swings. Half the time he could be about ten thousand times more supportive though. He knew I had the job interview yesterday, yet when he got home he never asked about it at all, just sat there going on about his own job. Later in the evening I said, yeah the job interview went well. Well he got home at 4.30pm today and knew that I was finding out about the job today yet didn't ask at all. I had just got a fucken job and he didn't even ask. So at 7.30pm I shouted at him "I got a job today, thanks for asking!!" and haven't spoken to him since. Sometimes men are just so self absorbed. I could go in and smack him with a pot right now.

I think it is time for a challenge. Everyone else has some sort of challenge going.

I have 7 weeks till my 30th birthday - I need to be at my 10% by then. So, as of two weeks ago I was 105.1kg. Not sure what I am today but I need to get to 98.8kg to reach my 10%. That is a loss of 6.3kg in 7 weeks. That is a required loss of 900g a week. Achievable?? Not likely!! But I always thrive on a good challenge. So, how am I going to achieve this?? Walking kids to school up until I start work. Biking at least 4 times a week for half an hour. Water intake - 2L a day. Appropriate adjustment of points dependent on reduction of breast feeds. Less carbs of the processed type. I will need to eat more fruit and veges and less bread. Go away horrible bread and horrible peanut butter. Keep up with No Biscuits.
And if all else fails?? In 7th week have an invasive colonic irrigation!! Just kidding. So cheer me on, either from a far or from near!! I need to do this. I will do this!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone else is having a lovely day. I am going to go and ring my sister and confirm her participation with me in this duathlon next year. If she won't commit then I will do it myself. I can do it. Damn it - I can get a job in one easy week, what's stopping me running 5km and biking 10km in a morning??

Well, at the moment obesity and gammy knees - but we will change that.

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Sunday, August 28

NZ Idol - Schmidol

What is it with the gits in this country?? I am not talking about the actual contestants but the idiots who voted them in. I mean, there are only about two that can actually sing in tune. There were plenty of decent singers in the line up but they were all voted out cos teeny boppers voted in all the little boys. Who suck!!

That's all about that. Here is another photo of my bubba that I thought I had posted with the others but I somehow omitted it.

Job hunting is going well. Have a number of recruitment agencies wanting me to come in even if I am not what they want for the actual job I applied for in the first place.

So I have to go through all the testing. What I hate about testing is that it is not really a true indication of what you can do once in a job and knowing your stuff.

I need space to right a good entry and at the moment no one is giving me that space so will go.

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Friday, August 26

My Phoebe Weebee

Thought I would post a few updated photos of my little Schnizel McSchniz. She is just over 4 months old in these great photos taken by my mate Kim. As you can see, the character of the cheeky wee thing is shining through.

Need to do a decent update soon. Have lots to say, lots of feelings and emotions to try and get out.

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Wednesday, August 24

Hi Buddies

I have been absent, I have been fine but have been a bit busy and also a bit under pressure with the old finances. Have made the horrible decision to have to go back to work. My mother is going to look after Phoebe initially until we get our feet on the ground. Have had a couple of interviews to attend and have been busy making plans etc. I am missing weight watchers for the first week since I started this week. I hate to have to do it but I have not a cent to pay for it. Am going to go next week. Haven't exercised other than Thursday when I went for a 2 hour walk. I think I am rebelling against the scales.

I did have a very big plus in the weight loss journey. Tried a couple of pairs of my old 6 years ago worn size 18 (aussie 16) trousers last night and they fitted. Did up fine. Were a bit tightish in the thighs but wearable. I lost it!!!

So, the scales are really your enemy aren't they??

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Wednesday, August 17

Wednesday Weigh In - Week Eleven

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 105.1kg
Loss/Gain: +600g
Kgs Lost: 4.7kg
Kgs to Goal: 40.1kg

Fucken scales!! I mean - I am totally okay with this!! Yeah right. As much as I knew I had the hell cankles retaining fluid it still slutted me immensely to see the scale go up. And, it just so happened, it was that same blasted woman on the left hand scale. She is a total jinx on me. Next time I am just going to say - NO!!

That's all.

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.... and a little bit of that......

I have been the exercise queen this week. I have gone on 3 walks, 2 10km exercycle bike rides and this morning, iced the cake with a little bit of TaeBo. Have really had a great week but, as it is Pre Menstrual week, am retaining plenty of fluid. I know I have been good so, if I put on tonight, I am not going to stress.

Had not had any take out foods for over a week but, last night, the man was starving and we had no groceries so I got KFC. I don't know why. I went to the supermarket, as I needed nappies, could have bought something healthier and less expensive for dinner. But no, went with greasy old KFC. I did earn around 8 bonus exercise points yesterday, so should have still been okay points wise. Not really the point though is it?? I mean, day before weigh in and KFC is entering my cake hole. Bad Jules. Bad bad bad.

I finally have received an email with dates on the Special K duathlon. March 12th, 2006 here in Christchurch. So, being August the 17th today, that gives me ummmm ummmm where the hell is my diary ....

29 weeks to go.

Let's see, 29 weeks to be able to run 5km. Ha, piece of piss!!!

I am thinking that I should not be a blouse about this and actually do the whole duathlon myself and encourage my sister to do the same. If she won't then I will aim to do something similar by myself and stick with the original plan for the duathlon. I am quite pumped at the thought of completing something like this.

Realistically, I should lose another 15kg (????) by then and be around 90kg. If I am hard out training I may lose at a faster pace but, being realistic is probably better than trying to pretend I will be at goal by then.

Will update tonight with weigh in results.

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Monday, August 15

A Little Bit of This .....


"List ten songs that you are currently digging ... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're no good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog."

1. "Welcome Home" - Dave Dobbyn
2. "Love Your Way" - Salmonella Dub
3. "Epiphany" - Stained
4. "The Reason" - Huberstank
5. "Don't ya wish your girlfriend was Hot like Me" - Pussycat Dolls
6. "Stand Up" - The Feelers
7. "Hope" - Fat Freddy's Drop
8. "Girl" - Destiny's Child
9. "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath
10. "Giddyup" - Katchafire

Now that I have done that (inspired by a blog hopping visitor)I feel i have shared a bit of me for the day.

Have had a nothing day. You know the sort, where you just don't tend to achieve anything much, just sort of amble through the day and then, at the end of it, think "where the hell did that day go??"

Went for a great walk yesterday afternoon through the Groynes park area. They have a 55 min walk which we plan to do another day, but we just walked the loop around the whole park. The kids had a blast with Ben deciding that he was the tramper extraordinaire!! His suggestion that we deviate off the beaten track and offroad it through the blackberry bushes was taken on board, but discarded pretty quickly.

Strange thing: having only had one stray biscuit in 12 days, I am becoming a bit nauseous when I eat sugar. Bloody wierd, I know. Last night I had a Pinky bar after dinner(at 2.5pts it is a steal)and within minutes I literally vomitted from the sweetness. Strange aye??

Liver function tests have come back in normal range. Thank Kermit!! So, that old medication was the culprit and now, I just need to work out this liver.

Think I have bored you enough today.

ciao xx

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Sunday, August 14

The Chic in the Photo is......

The chic in last entry's photo is Jordis Unga, contestant in INXS: Rockstar. Her voice rocks as much as her look.

Here are some more pics. I think she just rocks!!!

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Saturday, August 13

The Style Guru

Everyone in the house is out bar me, the littlest sproglet and the manky cat. I say manky cat, as she is looking manky. She is lovely but she currently has an arse-licking fetish and looks manky. (Sorry Jazz).

I have actually had a chance to catch up on all the journals I read and that has taken nearly two hours. I had planned to have a shower and ready myself for an evening with the lovely man. Oh well, will do that later.

Have been assessing my medical conditions. If I was seeing a client in my naturopathic clinic, I would jot down all the symptoms and facts, come up with a couple of differential diagnoses and then come to a working diagnosis from that. So, I have:

Hot flushes in face
Enlarged Spleen
Fatty liver
Tinnitus (ear ringing)

So what could I have Dr House???

What can be ruled out???

What do I need to do to remedy??

I really shouldn't have too many moments to myself or I tend to overthink.


When I was a teenager I always had a dream image that I one day imagined myself to have. I wanted a certain style that shouted cool to the world. I love tattoos (you and me both Mary) and I love dreads and braids. A few of you old time readers of the Jules meister may recall I nearly did the dread thing back in December but found my old good hairdresser so resisted the urge. Anyway, this chic is the epitomy of all that I find cool in style (for me personally).
I told Blair that I loved her style and had always imagined myself like that. He informed me that he didn't like tattoos on arms for chics. I informed him that I would get a Moku (Maori facial tattoo for those not from the Land of the Long White Cloud) if I damn well wanted and he better just like it or lump it. He has a bit tattoo on his upper arm so what is the issue??

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Friday, August 12

Fat on the Inside

Yes, I am fat inside and out people. Not a self-loathing judgement, just a fair comment.

I had a terrible day yesterday. Started great with a complete buzz happening with the whole reaching my first goal etc etc. Then I received a phone call that sent me into a spin. It was the practise nurse ringing on behalf of my doctor.

Hi Julie, R.. here from Ilam Medical, Dr C.... would like you to come in
today please to discuss the findings of your liver scan.

it must be bad if he wants me to come in??

He just asked that you
please come in, would 2.10pm be okay?

Yeah, sure

Then the crying started. Did I say crying? I meant hideous garbled heaving bawling!! I rang my sister and I rang my Dad and I just cried and they tried to say "it won't be anything bad, you're just over reacting". But I couldn't think positive.

Let's have a wee perspective put on this situation:

I have an extremely good Doctor-Patient relationship. My Dr is aware of my naturopathic tendancies and he always backs me up on decisions I make with regard to natural therapies. He is very constructive and always takes my concerns as real and I never feel dismissed, nor talked down to. Over the past couple of years he has helped me with a lot of ongoing medical issues and we have ALWAYS discussed things over the phone. Not once has he asked me to come in. Hence the reason I am in a spin, fearing the "sorry, you have 10mins to live" speech.

Anyho, I get to the Dr after a couple of hours of walking and talking therapy with my best bud, Kim. I sit in his exam room waiting. Heart thumping! And I mean THUMPING!! I could literally see my left side of my chest beating. I took my pulse (and this is resting people) and got 130. Holy fuck, I am going to faint. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Finally, after 20mins of whole body beating, Dr C.... walks in.

A casual Hi. He was limping, a bit of small talk followed with reference to the new buttock exercises his PT has been putting him through. I start to relax a bit. Surely, a man who is about to give you a life ending terminal illness is not going to use "buttock exercises" as a warmup conversation??

You have a fatty liver. And an enlarged spleen. We need more Liver Function Tests and if they are still up we will send you to a liver specialist. No gallstones, kidneys fine, a bit of fluid around the gallbladder wall, no real issues.* Smile *. Now let's take your blood pressure while you are here.

Are you trying to kill me? I query. No, why?

I explain the high level of stress I have been under due to his decision to have this little chat in person rather than over the phone. He apologizes profusely.

And blood pressure: 180/80. Now that bottom number is looking extremely good for me but the top one is through the roof, which gives him a good laugh as that is the number more commonly associated with anxiety and stress levels. You think?? He recommends I up my meds to twice daily instead of once to counteract the consistently high BP.

And I had brown rice, chicken breasts and veges for dinner.

I didn't react to the crisis by eating badly or with abandon. Good on me.

So: I have a fat liver. Not only can I claim to have an overweight arse, I can add that claim to one of the most vital internal organs as well. Great.

Whole foods here we come. I ain't gonna make any statements about what I am gonna do as, inevitably, I won't follow through and then will have just another GUNNA statement to add to the list.

I have a wee plan of attack but, this time, I will just do it and write about it after it is done.

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Wednesday, August 10

Wednesday Weigh In - Week Ten

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 104.5kg
Loss/Gain: -1.9kg
Kgs Lost: 5.3kg
Kgs to Goal: 39.5kg

Yep, that's right folks. This weightloss pro has just hit the big 5kg mark. 4th official attempt at this Weight Watchers lark and I have finally achieved the previously impossible. Thus proving that exercise does work.

So, my reward: A back, neck and shoulder massage! I have had this voucher since I had Phoebe. My mate Mish gave it to me as a pamper after having bubs. But I decided to save it for my first reward. I am a bit nervous about getting it though. I mean, I may have lost 5kg but I still have a lot to go and it is a bit daunting taking your clothes off in front of a stranger. And I have a terrible scar on my right shoulder blade where I hit the windscreen wiper on the car as I went through the windscreen the night I was run over. And on the other half of my back is my big pegasus tattoo. Then again, I have lost 5kg - I bloody well deserve this massage!!

The No Biscuit Challenge is going to extend through to this week and I am also going to aim for 5 lots of exercise instead of three. Aim high!

Quote of the Day:


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Thanks Bob Greene

Who is Bob Greene?? Well, lovely friends, Bob is Oprah's personal trainer and Bob has just answered my question re: dilemma of not losing weight while exercising 3 times a week.

He thinks you should not weigh yourself for 2 MONTHS after starting to exercise. Now, I am not going to do this but the explanation that goes with it has explained to me why I am staying around the same at the moment.

When you first start exercising after a long time inactive, your body is usually severly dehydrated from lack of fluid intake. So much so, that it is used to retaining fluid to keep your body hydrated. When you start to exercise, you need water. You start to drink more water than normal (especially if you are making a concientious effort to make the whole 8 glasses a day thing). As your body is still in the mode of retaining, it does so with the new water intake until it regulates itself which takes about 2 months to level out. So there you go people!!! Works for me! Thanks Bob.

Will come back later for the Wednesday Weigh In (and we all know: if I put on or stay the same - it's due to the exercise and water thing baby!!).

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Tuesday, August 9

The Great Biccie Episode

I bet you are all wondering how I have been going on my "No Biscuits" Challenge? Well, even if you aren't, you are about to find out.
I, Jules of the natural kind, have had 1 biscuit in 6 days.
I was doing so well, hadn't had even a sniff of a little round delight. On Sunday I was making the kids lunch and put two little mini hundreds and thousands biccies on each of their plates. I started to give myself a little "you are doing so well for not eating a single biscuit" congratulatory speech and then I remembered. One slippery little hokey pokey squiggle pop had snuck it's way into my mouth the night before. I hadn't even acknowledged it. We were at a friends place for dinner and we had a lovely roast beef with kumara, yams, parsnips, potatoes and peas. Then we had a wee slice of cheesecake each (and when I say "wee", I mean WEENY! We shared one cheesecake between 5 adults and three children). I had two small glasses of Villa Maria Cellar Selection 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, which was yummo!! Then I had a lovely plunger coffee. And with that plunger coffee my friend had offered me a Squiggle Pop and I had said Yes without even thinking, yet alone blinking an eyelid.

So, I have failed the No Biscuit Challenge due to a subconcious mind that just let me unwittingly devour this delicious little chocolate biscuit. Upside: I didn't let this realisation tempt me to abandon the challenge and I have not wittingly eaten a biscuit. This has been extremely hard for me considering biccies are my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was about to do my measurements and then realised how hard this will be without the gorgeous man to help me. Will rope him in this evening for a "measuring session".
Speaking of the gorgeous man, was not appearing oh so gorgeous last night when he informed me that he is really into me losing weight for myself but, could I, just for him cos I love him so much, go that little bit further and get my body looking like one of the lingerie models out of the Joanna G catalogue?? Eg:

Why sure darling? That won't be hard at all. While I am at it why don't I save mankind from poverty and war? Another equally simple task.
I then had to inform him that after three children and a good 10 years of being overweight, 5 of those over 100kg, that getting my stretchmarked, pasty body to look like one of those plastic surgery enhanced woman was near impossible. His stupid man like reply?? All you need is a bit of commitment. I'm sorry, did you actually want dinner cooked for you ever again?
Other News:
Had my liver scan this morning. Not too exciting but, when sonographer questioned by myself as to the results of said scan she replied "I'm sorry, it's not for me to say. Your doctor will contact you."
Excuse me, is this a good answer to be giving people who have just had scans on vital organs of their body and are paranoid about it being life threatening?? No, I think not. According to my mother this is the standard answer. I think they better rethink their standard answer manual!!
Food of the Week:
Ricotta Cheese: Only 7.5pts for a whole 250g container. Great for adding to spinach in such things as Filo pastry and fresh pasta.
Quote of the Day:
There's always something about your success that displeases even your best friends
(That one is for Emily and her Samoan friend)

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Monday, August 8

Great Website

Having my browse through my favourite blogs today has proven to be a valuable exercise. I have been reading two journals for over two years now and they were the two people that inspired me to have a journal of my own and, in turn, find all the support I could ever need to support me in this journey. The first was Lyn, who I won't link to as she has a private journal now - for sanity's sake!! She inspired me with her down to earth approach to the whole weightloss journey. With four kids, a busy lifestyle and a love of a good drink, she was real to me and helped me make that vital connection. And the second was Dietgirl, whose savvy writing style had me hooked from day one. It was while browsing DG's journal that gave me the link to the "great website". It is called World's Healthiest Foods and is all about getting nutritionally aware. It is awesome!! I just did the Food Advisors quiz to see how well I am eating nutritionally. Yup - not that healthy. Especially considering I tag myself Natural Jules. Just too much processed food in my diet. It advised me that I am eating approx. only 31% from the list of the world's healthiest foods, leaving 69% of my diet highly processed crap. And it doesn't stop there, it goes on to advise you on different foods that can help you, where you are more than likely falling short nutritionally and even has recipe links with the foods you need. If you have 5 minutes take the test. You will be glad you did.


As for the lovely reunion with my other half, let's just say that in 36 hours I have earnt plenty of bonus points!!!! Our whole relationship has been strengthened tenfold by a 5 day abscence from each other. The look on his face when he walked in the door just screamed to me "I love you". And that is all I need. The love of a good man can do wonders for your self esteem.


Food hasn't been fantastic but hasn't been bad. I was the unlucky recipient of a hideous head cold that arrived Saturday arvo and have felt like a bag of poo holes since. I did take Amelia's advice though. I got on the bike this morning, against every cell in my body screaming at me, and did 5km. I only biked slow and only got my heart rate up to around 134 bpm. I did it anyway though!!


I am going to have spinach and ricotta canneloni for dinner tonight. I taped an episode of Oprah last week that had a cardiologist on it showing aortas, kidneys, livers, bowels etc of healthy people compared to the ones of people with constipation, high blood pressure, cancer etc. Not pretty. I showed it to Blair and we both agreed that we need to incorporate more of the preventative foods that were advocated by this doctor into our daily diets. Therefore we are having tomato based pasta sauce and spinach with tonight's meal. There were many great things taken from this programme and I will post, sometime this week, a few of his great tips. You will be pleased to know Red Wine is all good!!

Off to blow my snotty nose.

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Thursday, August 4

It's Alright, Baby's Coming Back .....

My sweetheart is home today and, in all honesty, I think it has done me the world of good to do without him for these last five days. It has given me a new spark and I am determined to have the warmest, cosiest, yummiest smelling, tidiest house ever!! I want him to walk in the door and be so glad that he has come back HOME! And I am going to go over to Keri's (sister) this afternoon and get her to straighten my hair with the ceramic tong thingys. I am busting my gut to please him. And, my friends, that is why it is good he went away. Before he did I was getting a tad tired of him and his winter blues and I wasn't putting much effort in to our relationship.

I am trying to think of something yummy to make for tea. But, completely within points. It is nearly lunch time and I have only had 5 points. 25 to go! Maybe I do need to follow Angel's lead and allocate a certain majority of my points to each meal so that I am balancing things out throughout the day. I mean, surely it is not good to eat 60% of your points in the last hours of the day.

May have to have a look at the Weekly recipes that you get dished out at WW. Speaking of that, did anyone get their "basics cookbook" in the last couple of weeks. It was a promotional thing to get you to come 5 weeks out of 6. I was excited about it, thinking it would be great to have a good cookbook. It is shit!! It is 62 pages long and has all of 18 recipes!! The majority of the book is Nestle diet product advertisements and tips on what utensils to use and how to store asparagus!! Then again, as Dad would say: There ain't no free lunches in this world.

I have just finished another 10km bike on the exercycle. Took me 27mins and 08secs. I know, slower time. But, we upped the tension to level 2 instead of the easiest level 1. And it definitely made a difference. So that is one out of the five planned exercise sessions this week.

Keri asked me this morning if I was gutted at putting on 400g. The thing is, I really am not that worried. Reason: I can weigh myself at 7am in the morning and be nearly 3kg lighter than at 7pm that night. Reason: I retain fluid terribly (No kidding laughs anyone who has seen my hideous feet photos!!). I hopped on the home scales this morning and was 101.5kg which means nothing in the weightloss journey as they are different to the official WW's ones. I was 108.5kg on these home scales 10 weeks ago so something is definitely changing. I use a bit of a control here in that Blair hasn't changed weight at all on them in the same time period.

Positives of the Day:

I am way fitter than I was 4 weeks ago.
I am a lot more motivated than I was 10 weeks ago.
I am on my way to being the renovated me.
I have 3 gorgeous, generally well behaved, children (Anyone seen Supernanny, cringe!!!)

So, I am going to stop sitting on my bumhole writing about life and have some lunch and then get into the housework, load up the wood basket and then head out and do some little jobs that I have put off for a while. I am going to have a lovely evening with my darling (and probably very hungover) man.

I just heard on the radio that Liam Gallagher (Oasis) has just pronounced that he can't decide who is better, him or Elvis. Now I ain't no Elvis fan but, what the f*#k is that man thinking. He and his brother are such tossers. When they first came out they compared themselves to the Beatles. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 3

Wednesday Weigh In - Week Nine

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 106.4kg
Loss/Gain: +0.4kg
Kgs Lost: 3.4kg
Kgs to Goal: 41.4kg

Okay, gain of 400g and this is getting ridiculous. I have been hovering around this mark for a month nearly. Need to up the antics a bit. I am a great one for spouting forth with great plans and ideas, a bit of a GUNNA. But, this week coming (Thursday - Wednesday) I am determined to have a completely on track week. I mean, in all honesty, there have been plenty of days when I just eat enough biscuits for a small African nation to survive on for a year. As hard as this is going to be, I have to do it:


That way I can't point half my allowed 30pts on bloody sugary processed crappy biscuits. And:


I need to kick start this thing into action again. The exercise is giving me the excuse that I can go over my points a little here and a little there until it ends up that I have had a whole week of going over points.

So, back to basics.

Hi to all who have pleased me and my little tanty with some comments. I do understand about all the blogs we read now people. If anyone could see my favourites list they would cringe. What I might do is allocate a certain section of the list to certain nights of the week. Eg A-D Mondays and Saturdays. Something like that as I am finding that I am skim reading a few blogs especially if they are longer entries. And I don't like to do that as I miss important things.

And Kate, I haven't read 14pk's blog but will search it out now and see what is happening with her journey. I got the idea off of my dad, as he imagines he is walking somewhere with his accumulated walks and suggested I do it with the biking as a way of seeing where I am getting too. And as for the supportive sister, she is great. She has two littlies and we often swap care so that we can get out and do things with a tad more ease. I didn't stay for the meeting this time though.

And I got the "bad luck" scales. There are two sets of scales at my meeting and everytime I get on the left ones with the certain Weigher, I put on. Without fail. I told her tonight that she is bad luck for me. She didn't seem to find that amusing.

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Where am I biking to??

I was going to map my journey in exercycle biking distance to Arthurs Pass as an ongoing journey. But, I just did a quick add up of my biking distance so far and I am already at Springfield(58km) at the base of the Southern Alps as you head towards the coast. And I have achieved it in a combined total of 2 hours and 40mins. Not too shabby for someone who has a BMI that makes her clinically obese.

So really, that is just silly, as I will be at Arthurs Pass before you know it. So, have decided to bike/walk/run around New Zealand. I will start in Bluff and go up as far as Dunedin and then head inland to Central Otago via Middlemarch and then up to Hokitika on the West Coast and then up the middle of the country to Nelson then across to Picton and then across on the ferry to Wellington and then up the west coast and head on up till I hit the far north. I mean, it will be interesting to see won't it?? I will post photos along the way of interesting points. Something to take up all those spare hours in my day!!

I will have to see how I am going to put this idea into imagery but I will have a play around and see what I can concoct. I'll need a map and will have to see how I am going to post ongoing images. It's all coming to me in rushes so I will write it down and plan it out (and probably do a list as I am a LIST person).

Was going to bike today but have decided, as it is a pearler of a day, that I will walk to school and pick up the two oldest sprogs and give them a bit of fresh air as they walk home with me. And my tailbone is still aching from the Monday's ride.

Blair is back tomorrow. Having a "big night" out in Queenstown tonight with all his buddies. Last night they were getting beers in and having a house pool competition. There are 8 of them down there staying in the boss's beautiful home at Lake Hayes in between Arrowtown and Queenstown. He said the scenery is just beautiful and I am sure he means the mountains etc and not the chics!! LOL LOL LOL>

My sister is coming over this evening to look after the kids while I go to the later meeting at 7.30pm. I won't, for the first time, stay for the meeting. I will come home and have a wine with my sis instead.

Will update with weighin results later.

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Tuesday, August 2

I Miss You

I miss all you buggers and your comments. Where are you all?? Have I done something to offend or are you all just as busy as I am?? Please let me know you are out there. As for Sarah - hello. Nice to meet you. Tried to go to your blog but couldn't get there via your comment so if you have one and want to share it then let me know where you are!!

As for missing people, my darling Blair is still in Queenstown and I stupidly feel rather lost without him. I definitely wouldn't want to be single with three kids!! I know plenty of woman do it but, I am a woos!! I am scared of every little noise and I just miss the adult company. And I miss the warmth in the bed. And I miss the cuddles. And I am paranoid. Yes, severely paranoid. About everything including that Blair will meet some gorgeous tourist in Queenstown and fall in love with her and leave me. I never used to have this sort of issue when I was slim. This lard has a hell of a lot to answer for!! It is really sad, as I know he loves me to bits, but I still have this irational fear that he will take "the grass is greener on the other side" option. Then, I hate to be the paranoid chic as there is nothing less attractive than insecurity. We have been together 6 and a half years and been good friends for 11 but you just never know. I have had a friend lose her husband to the secretary (cliche I know!) recently and the devastation in her life is just too hard to imagine in my own. She has been left with 3 kids and has had to leave the house they owned to go to a smaller one on a main road and she is just struggling with the enormity of it all. And she has to deal with the poor kids who, at 6, 3 and 1, have no idea why Daddy has left.

Anyway, didn't bike today, had to give my arse a rest!! But, I did do copious amounts of housework at a feverish rate and also, wait for it ...... did some of my Naturopathy work. Yes, you heard it. I got off of my arse and did some of the few units I have left to do. And I enjoyed it. Why am I such a procrastinator?

Kids are well and so is the cat

Who incidentally, is not that fat anymore. Since we moved to the cemetery region she has become a very scared cat who stays inside all the time other than to dash outside for a quick excretion or urination. There is a big Tom cat we have nicknamed "Ghost Cat" who has beaten the shit out of her and she is scared to venture out there. Bloody Ghost Cat. By the way, who loves Rockstar INXS?? I do. I love good rock music and some of those dudes can sing. Especially the chic with the dreads. And if you live somewhere other than NZ and know who wins or who is eliminated please don't tell me.

Biking in the morning and then hoping to get one of the extended whanau (family) members to look after the sprogs while I go to weight watchers meeting. I haven't missed a meeting yet and I don't want to. Have to get skinny, need more confidence, need to be hot and sexy so other half doesn't leave for skinny nymphomaniac tourist!!

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Monday, August 1

Watch Out Sarah Ulmer

I am kicking arse with the biking. Last Thursday did 10km in 26mins08secs and today pumped it up another level and did 10km in 24mins and 44secs. Still have to develop my scenic route page thingy but will get on to it.

Blair is away working in Queenstown at the moment and I am missing him terribly.

Have been eating within points and getting plenty of protein, fruit and veges. As for the little picture that was the last entry, I needed to post it to get it as my profile photo. I love the gown. And sort of imagine myself slim and prancing around the fields with nature looking awesome.

Am going to take the lead of a few others and attempt the C25K running programme. Will start on the 1st of September as that is technically the start of Spring here. Apparently you go from no running to running 5K in 9 weeks. I used to be a good cross country and 800m runner and short sprinter when I was younger. But I haven't run in a very long time. We are talking about 10 years people. So am looking forward to pounding the pavement again soon.

Short post, back tomorrow.

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