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Friday, November 10

How Much Is Your Grocery Bill??

I have been having a quandry of sorts lately with the whole "food budget" thing. I want to know how much you all spend on a weekly average on your groceries. If you have children, let me know if you are buying nappies, formula etc and I will do some figures and see what people are averaging. I just feel like I am maybe not budgeting enough and, as a result, getting stressed trying to meet the budget on shopping day. Inevitably I am making more trips to the supermarket when I run out of stuff and this is when sneaky things like chocolate make their way into my basket, and then into my cakehole!!

I hate housework. Have been feeling like such a lazy bitch lately. I really am not enjoying doing the frickin dishes at all!! Doesn't help that 19 month old Phoebe has to be involved in the drying process and it makes it drag out.

On a completely different note - I am going to be completely revamping this blog. I need to for the whole "new start" thing. I need a new template and new everything. I think the whole Natural Jules theme may have to go as well because, who am I fucken kidding?? I'm about as natural as a gothic on acid. Well, maybe not that extreme but I don't practise what I preach so that makes me a hypocrite and I don't like that. So, I'm going to come up with something new and vibrant that reflects who I am - a 31 year old mother of four (plus our newly acquired World Vision sponsor boy "Innocent"), who has a distorted self perception, high blood pressure and a low iron count. I actually need to do a bit of soul searching and see who I actually am. I mean, at the end of the day, someone wise has once said that you should act as you mean to be. If we followed this reasoning then all it would take to be the healthy, slim, positive being that I long to be would be acting that way. What would I be acting like if I was at a healthy weight with a healthy body inside and out, body and mind? It definitely wouldn't be shoving down two mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch. Where is the nutrition content in that meal??

As you can see, back to the old random tangenting but, hey, that's what works for me. For too long I have tried to cut out swearing and randomness but it just doesn't help my self expression. Grin and bear it or you can always go read someone else's well thought out blog instead of my turbulent affair!!!

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