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Sunday, July 31

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Thursday, July 28

Wednesday Weigh In - Week 8

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 106kg
Loss/Gain: -0.7kg
Kgs Lost: 3.8kg
Kgs to Goal: 41kg

8 weeks down and nearly 4kg lost. An average of 475g a week. Not too bad really. I mean, if I keep it up like this I will end up losing the 45kg in 95 weeks, which is less than two years. I do want to amp it up a bit though.

Sandra commented on my tagboard yesterday that you can still get to goal taking the "scenic route". I really liked that description. I love scenic drives. I love the mountains. And it all clicked together for me and I decided to map my biking kms in a scenic bike to the Southern Alps. When I reach certain distance goals I will post a photo of where I am. Are you with me?? So, I have started at my house and will bike out towards the Alps. Looking forward to the journey and a good way to map my exercise achievements.

It's a crappy old day here in Christchurch. A typical winter's day with drizzle, a blanket of grey cloud and a temperature that leaves plenty to be desired. Why do we choose to congregate and form cities in such shitholes of locations?? A hint to any budding early settlers of new countries: camp in an area for a year so that you have a full view of what the climate is before you set up a city!!

Then again, no one is forcing me to live here are they. I do love the Alps though. And the majority of my family live here. I could move out of the city but Blair doesn't want to.

Am on the bike again this afternoon for another 10km. The only thing I don't like about the exercycle is how bloody sore my tailbone gets after biking. I have been told that it is much easier biking on a real bike and I would have to agree. I remember when I used to bike to work etc (pre children and hideous obesity).

I am really into this Special K duathlon challenge but would really love it if they updated the website and actually dished out some info on when and where it is happening. I registered my interest ages okay but have not received any info at all. If anyone knows anything about it drop me a line.

Interesting fact: tried on a few pairs of pants at the weekend in Farmers and appear to have dropped a size to at least a 20. Especially in my waist. (Still have a hideous jellybelly from the 3 pregnancies. Any tips on lower abdomen tightening exercises.) And who just loves trying on clothes under the neon lights?? How great for the self esteem seeing your mottled pasty white flesh in all it's glory in a changing room. And hands up who has hideous little veiny things all over their thighs. I should do my measurements again. I took them a year ago when I kick started into this online weightloss journalling idea. Will take them again and see what difference if any there is.

Off to tend to Sproglet #3. Have a wonderful day friends.

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Monday, July 25

Feeling Pumped

Yep, you heard, or rather read, it right. After pronouncing all great intentions last Thursday I didn't really follow any of that for the four days prior to today. But, being a Monday person, I got up and got into it. I did bike on Saturday for 5.5kms but I had to stop at that as I really felt like I was going to fall off the bike with exhaustion. May have been due to me not having eaten anything. Being a breastfeeding mother I think my energy reserves need constant replenishing and trying to do a bike ride with no calorie intake was a bit silly. So this morning I jumped on and did 10km in 27mins and 50secs. Once again sister was gutted as she biked on Friday 10km, Saturday 10.3km and then this morning 10km. And the fastest she did it in was 31mins. But she can be proud of the fact that she has biked 30.3km to my 15.5km!!

I feel great though and have plenty of points left for the day with a healthy lunch of salmon, baked potato and salad just ahead of me. And I have already achieved half my water intake. I am rocking today people. I was thinking last week about how sometimes you do really well and others you have a shit time of it. This is just life really. I mean, if it was rosy and peachy all the time then we would all be so bored shitless that we would go insane.

The 30th was great. Went to Indochine for pre dinner cocktails and finger food. Absolutely divine. I had two Watermelon Mules, which was Smirnoff Vodka, Watermelon (real), Lemon Wedges, Mint, and Ginger Beer over crushed ice. Yummy!! And they had these fabulous Sticky Beef Wontons, which were a wonton casing filled with a marinted shredded beef and then you dipped it in a french mayo. Then we went on to Dorothy's for dinner. It was really cool. I had Sesame Seeded Grilled Akaroa Salmon surrounded by a Seared Scallop and Coconut Saffron Broth Served with Tempura Spring Onion and Fetta Tortellini. I never get food like that when I am out. Usually stick to the old steak or chicken dish. It was so nice. Blair had Roasted Rack of Canterbury Lamb Served with Sundried Tomato Gruyere Rissotto, Minted Fava Beans and finished with Peppered Shallots and a Seed Mustard Jus. It was scrummy as well. But, Blair being the redblooded kiwi male, he was a bit disappointed when the fine dining style of meal arrived. Loved the food but reckons he could eat 5 times the amount on the plate. That's my man!! I had a good amount of a lovely Chardonnay with it and had a really enjoyable night. We came home after dinner as the Cabbage Patch Feet had made a reappearance for some unknown reason. Could have been the fact that I was premenstrual and it was really warm in the restaurant. We actually went to look for some shoes for me earlier that day but I couldn't fit any on. And then I tried to put my old faithful boots on but even they wouldn't fit the trotters. So, the Warehouse $9.95 black slip on sandals that I have worn every day for the last five months was it!! I had had my hair cut in the afternoon and got my hairdresser to straighten it. I wore this powder blue poncho thing that I got for the wedding in Takaka last December and some black pants and when I came out from doing my makeup Blair told me I looked stunning and he would like to "take me" right there and then. So that was a good confidence booster for me.

Anyway, off to eat my healthy lunch and will update my food tracker this evening.

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Thursday, July 21

Wednesday Weigh In - Week Seven

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 106.7kg
Loss/Gain: +1.2kg
Kgs Lost: 3.1kg
Kgs to Goal: 41.7kg

Well it was expected so I take it on the chin and plod on. So much for losing 7kg by the mates 30th. I have 2 days, maybe I'll drop 3.9kg in 2 days. Not without a breast reduction!!

There has to be a plan in place so here goes:

Track, track, track: Track and post everything that enters my piehole in the next week.
Exercise: 5 times this next week for at least half an hour.
Make wise choices: There is no need to fill the points budget up on nil-nutrition biscuits.
No fail environment: Buy a lock box for the goodies and pass the keys to Blair.

Motivation is a key factor at the moment for me. I have so many other stresses on my mind, plus it is coming up TTOM again. All have combined to add to my weight gain. But, my training buddy (sister) is back this afternoon so will get her to kick my butt into action.

I don't really understand the way I function. Last week I went to the most motivational Chub Club meeting ever. The woman who had lost 35kg really inspired me. Then I totally had a week of non tracking. I do acknowledge the emotional side of it and things are consuming me a little bit. I am not going to beat myself up about it though.

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Tuesday, July 19

An Ode to Snot

My darling little Phoebe is full of snot. She is so blocked up that it sometimes sounds like she has stopped breathing. The sounds like a hedgehog. I am so sad for her. I have given her plenty of fluid and saline drops in the nose but she is just miserable. And these are the moments that make the thought of work just not very nice.

I am feeling like a bag of arseholes today. Skin feels cruddy, hair looks cruddy and I am just in a sloth of a mood. IRD decided to stuff up our Family Assistance payments and we won't get any for Phoebe for the next 2 weeks. But, it will be reimbursed at the end of the financial year which is March 2006. That is excellent, thanks. I mean, I didn't need that extra $120. You just keep it until March next year when I am bound to be really grateful for it. I'll just eat potatoes for a fortnight, no really, no trouble at all.

As far as being a loser of fat goes, not working. Instead of having a free day on Saturday I have extended that to having a free week. I mean, why the hell not be generous with myself.

Exercise, nup!!

Water, nup!!

Therefore, weight loss, ummmmmmmmmmmmm nup!!

We will see tomorrow but we are pretty sure that our fat cells have expanded in the last 5 days.

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Friday, July 15

Saba Saba Teur

I am so sick of sabotaging my own efforts to lose weight and become healthy. It's like I am two people fighting this battle. I am the one who has the whole day planned out foodwise and has allowed myself 5 spare points for the inevitable snack that will be presented when visiting Blair's brother. Then I go and be the bad person and add 15 points to the days total at the very end of the day. There was absolutely no need for it. Not hungry just a retard when it comes to saying no.

On the other side, the good person biked 7.5km in 21mins 45 secs. Which was great because my sister (all 59kg of her) took 23mins and 45secs. So, I beat her ass by 2 mins. I am just about 50kg heavier than her but I can still whip her ass!! Yay me.

Quick post as I have to go to the second Neurolink session. And it is in 1hour and all three kids are still lying in bed watching TV and I need a shower and need to get them breakfasted and dressed and around to my sister's and then get myself off to the suburb of Hei Hei (strange name) and that is going to be stressful. I seem to set myself up for these sorts of stressful situations. Bugger it all. And here I am still typing, I mean, For F Sake, GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!!

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Wednesday, July 13

Wednesday Weigh In - Week Six

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 105.5kg
Loss/Gain: -0.5kg
Kgs Lost: 4.3kg
Kgs to Goal: 40.5kg

It's official, I am a weight loss legend!! Hold your applause, I don't need it! I went to the most motivating meeting ever tonight. My leader is just excellent and I find this the difference this time around. Yes, please remember that this is about my 4th attempt at losing the lard! I seem to have an obsession with exclamation marks tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the meeting. There were a couple of people who reached their 10kg marks tonight, one who met her 35kg mark and one who reached goal. Talk about inspiration. Actually, talking about inspiration, a big hello to Givona who commented for the first time today after lurking for quite a while. She has lost a staggering amount of weight and is still plodding along towards her goal which is around 11kg away. I really love to hear these sort of stories because they remind me that I TOO CAN DO THIS. I really can. I think I can...... the little blue engine said.

I have a data entry job to apply for tomorrow at 10am. Well, I have to go in and do the alphanumeric and numeric data entry tests to see how fast I am. I downloaded a 30 day free trial data entry test off the internet this morning and tested myself this evening and am averaging around 9500kph for both. Problem is that once I get into "test" situations I always stuff up. My dilemma is (and we all know with me there just has to be one) that if I get the job I will be unable to attend this CC's (Chub Club (Weight Watchers)) meeting. I love the meeting. Everyone is so supportive and this is the first time that this bloody thing has worked for me. The leader and the meeting is what is making the difference. I know, I know, there are other good meetings out there but this one is working for me people. Is my weight worth a crappy data entry job 3 hours a night?? Dr Phil, bless the balding old bugger, always says to have a no fail environment. My no fail environment needs this meeting. Bugger shit bum!! Maybe I should just sell my Dr Phil book on Trade Me and that would make up for one shift's worth of data entry. LOL LOL LOL. Actually, that is not a stupid idea. I went through a phase of buying all these diet books. I could make a couple of bucks by selling them all as I don't need them anymore as they are all poos and CC's is working. I have the South Beach, Dr Phil, Diary of a Fat Man, Liver Cleansing .... the list goes on. What a loser I am! I even had that stupid bloody Atkin's diet which I did promptly sell after reading it. I'm sorry if I am going to get heaps of comments about how good it is but, I am nutritionally aware ( swanky!!) and know that not eating veges and fruit is bad. I agree that increased protein and reduced carbs aid weightloss but if we are doing this stint for life then it has to be realistic doesn't it. This morning I got so caught up reading my old diary-x entries that I passed away 2 hours of the day. I noticed a recurring theme. Every couple of days I seem to have a new PLAN. A new idea, a new statement on what I was going to do dramatically different to kick start the weight loss. Of course, it didn't work because I never stuck to any of it.

This is working!!
I am sticking!!
I am losing!!

and, you all know it, need I say it, okay then ...


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Link Mad

Well, I stopped at 5km again. I could have gone on but I was biking against the clock. My sister did 5.1km in 14mins 14secs so I was trying hard to beat her. We had brought the bike inside as Blair was out at Pool and I couldn't really go out the back for half an hour while the three sprogs were left inside to fend for themselves. We had the fire on as it was 0degrees. So, crux of it all, I just stopped at 5km cos I had gone hard out and was bloody hot. So I did 5km in 15mins40secs.

As far as money and kids go, we never really had the beauty of planning if we could afford kids, they just arrived. Peta just after my 23rd birthday, Ben when I was 24 and, of course, our last wee surprise - Phoebe at 29. We have struggled but it has been silly decisions that have got us in the shit now. 2 years ago we were on two wages, with no outgoings. We had approached a no deposit mortgage company and had been approved for up to $160,000. But we were miffed at the $6000 fee on top of the crazy interest and decided to flag it. So we charged up to the max instead. That was all fine with two incomes. Now - with one income, loss of a company vehicle when Blair changed jobs and three children - things are a little tight and we still have the majority of those hire purchases etc. We will get through it. Just nice to have a little whine about it to people who will listen.

On the food front, have been fine. Not excellent, not bad, just fine. I have this biscuit in coffee addiction. Doesn't really matter what sort of biscuit as long as I can dunk it. Maybe I should just give up hot milky (soy milky that is) drinks. I had a hot Lemon & Barley last night and didn't have a biscuit with that as it just didn't appeal. Maybe that will be the trick.
Don't know if I am going to manage WW's tonight. Have to wrangle up the $16.95 and that could be a bit difficult. Will post later if I do. I weighed the lowest ever on my home scales this morning. I know, I always go on about what a joke it is to bother weighing on them as they are so different to the WW ones. But, I weighed 102.5kg on them. Sounds better than 106kg on the WW ones. I suppose it can still give me a perk as a year ago, when I first started journalling I weighed in at 108.5kg on those same scales. And they were brand new back then. That reminds me, I need to set up a link to my old diary-x entries. Will do that one day soon. I just had a look back and I started on 2nd August 2004. Well that's when I started journalling anyway. And apparently I was 106.5kg not 108.5. Who knows.

If you are a bit of a voyeur of the non sexual variety, check out Becks page, she is posting photos of random things in her life. Very interesting.

Congrats to Little Miss Sexy who has reached her lowest ever goal. Looking good girl!! And a big congrats to Karen and her husband on their pregnancy. Rest up woman, nothing is worth stressing over!! And good on Kim for getting back into it with a passion. Here's to losing these winter coats. And also congrats to Zara at Yo Heave Ho on her pregnancy as well. Good to know that we are all going so well in life and weight!!

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Tuesday, July 12


I must say, I really hate having to come up with a new title every time I post!! Some days I have good ones but, mostly I just come up with some random word that has nothing to do with the actual entry.

I have noticed that a few of my old regular reads are stopping blogging/journalling. This is hard for someone like me who looks up to a lot of these old hands at the weight loss game. But, I do understand a lot of your reasons so, kia kaha, be strong and will catch up again soon. As for the rest of you, let's keep going and get to goal. I have further than most to go, but I will be here till the end.

On the exercise front, pretty mellow until yesterday when I did some random weights and biked 5.1km in 16mins. So tonight I am going to aim to bike for 7km and see how it goes. Have to update the tracker and see how I have been. Have usually been within a point or two of my target so all is going pretty well. It is turning bloody cold here at the moment. Woke up to the hell frost and then it was quite lovely. Now it is turning stormy and grey and the temperature seems to have dropped dramatically. Nearly applied for a 25hr a week data entry/customer service job yesterday. Thought it would help out with the crap money situation but I did a quick spreadsheet to work out the difference once you took off the lost family assistance payment and added childcare (including government subsidy) and petrol. It worked out that we would be better off by about $30 a week. Not optimal so have left it for the moment. Once Blair starts working more hours again in the warmer months then it will be viable but, for the moment, need to look for something that won't require so much childcare. Night work has it's benefits but mostly pays less than the work I can do during the day so I would still be making minimal gains. I am going to look at all sorts during the week and put something into action in the next week.

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Saturday, July 9

My Turn to Be Tagged

Three names I go by:
1. Julie
2. Mum
3. Jules

Three screen names I’ve had:
1. Jules
2. Naturaljules
3. The Renovation of Jules

Three physical things I like about myself:
1. My ears
2. My lips
3. My eyebrows (when manicured)

Three physical things I don’t like about myself:
1. My feet (see photo)
2. My butt (think Beyonce on Steroids)
3. My flabby tummy

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Australian
2. Irish
3. Scottish

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. Brown pants too big for me
2. Salmon Pink singlet top
3. Pink tie up cardigan

Three favorite bands/musical artists:
1. Metallica
2. Trinity Roots
3. The Feelers

Three favorite songs:
1. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
2. Epiphany by Stained
3. Welcome Home by Dave Dobbyn

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. Adoration
2. Trust
3. Humour

Two truths and a lie:
1. My grandfather was an Allblack
2. I have helped train a racehorse
3. I have great self esteem

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeal to you:
1. Butt
2. Arms
3. Eyes

Three favorite hobbies:
1. Blogging
2. Natural Therapies
3. TV (sadly)

Three things I want to do badly right now:
1. Be warm (thinking Sunshine Coast)
2.Win Lotto
3. See my other half smile

Three things that scare me:
1. Spiders
2. Dying suddenly with no plans in place for my kids
3. My kids getting sick

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Tinted Moisturiser
2. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy
3. The stereo

Three Careers you have considered or are considering:
1. Journalist
2. Naturopath
3. Veterinarian

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Central Otago
2. A remote island with no shops
3. Germany

Three kids’ names you like:
1. Peta
2. Ben
3. Phoebe (how could I pick anything else!)

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Reach 60
2. Reach goal weight
3. Have no money worries

Three ways I am stereotypically a boy:
1. Love to airguitar to rock music
2. Have to drink till the last person goes home
3. Always up for a shag (with my partner of course!!)
have to add another one ....
4. Love utes

Three ways I am stereotypically a girl:
1. I love boots
2. I obsess about my weight
3. I love breastfeeding my baby

Three celeb crushes:
1. Brad Pitt (although has gone down in my books since Angelina!)
2. Kees Mews
3. Jonno Gibbes

Three people I am tagging with this list :
1. Rainy
2. JWL
3. Diet Diva

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Friday, July 8

Completely Unprepared

Being completely unprepared for the day yesterday, i just grazed all day long. Problem being I am not a horse and my gut system is not set up for constant grazing. Result - bloody sore tummy from carb overload and way over points. I nearly decided not to track it but i will attempt to. I keep losing but I think apart from the exercise, that a lot of it is just breastfeeding luck. I need to make more permanent plans to lose this forever, without relying on sproglet number 3 to drink the calories out of me!! Speaking of horses (were we??), the Neurolink guy said he had only ever seen a back as bad as mine in a horse!! Could explain a few of my problems!! I felt really great and dumbfounded after going. The guy told me I had had a major accident involving my head a while ago and that it was still giving me problems. Ummmm - how the F did you know that?? When I was 18 I had indulged in too many Fantas and managed to wander onto the road at around 11pm at night and got run over by an old school teacher (coincidence!) at 70km an hour. A few factors helped me be part of the 5% who survive being hit by a vehicle at 70km/hr. I was drunk (begs the question, would I have been there if I wasn't??)and it was an old VW which means the motor is in the back and the bumper bar is lower than a normal car. This meant that my knees bent when the car hit my calves and threw me up over the bonnet (remember - no motor at front!)and through the windscreen. I have a lovely big scar on my right shoulder blade where I hit the windscreen wiper. I had multiple injuries including multiple lacerations to head and body, fractured right tibia, fractured left ankle, snapped Left anterior cruciate ligament, broken "Gangsta" teeth etc. I was blown away that this man found all of this. He also said I had digestive problems and that I wasn't getting what I needed out of the food I ate. He said it would not matter what food I ate or how much of it I still wouldn't be getting what I needed as my digestive system was malfunctioning and my hydrochloric acid wasn't working at breaking the food down. And he pointed out that I have an ongoing problem around the pyloric valve. I have had constant problems in that area and have always looked at the woman side of it rather than the digestive factors. Really interesting and unbeliebably accurate. And a few taps and apparently, all these things are sorted out. May take two more trips to fully sort it but wow.

Back to preparation - for some reason I have become the hugest procrastinator. I keep putting things off. Things I would normally get on and do eg sending copies of birthcertificate to IRD, putting in claim for lost cellphone etc. Need to kick my arse out of the winter blues and get on with it. Freezing here today. Sick of Christchurch - Sunshine Coast anyone???

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Wednesday, July 6

Wednesday Weigh In Week Five

Start Weight: 109.8kg
Current Weight: 106kg
Loss/Gain: -1.4kg
Kgs Lost: 3.8kg
Kgs to Goal: 41kg

Yes, I have managed to pull another one out of the bag and have lost 1.4kg. Must be all the exercise that I have managed to do. Not that I got to the 5 times. But I did do three times which is heaps more than before. My computer is playing up so this is really short.

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Tuesday, July 5

What a Shocker

How to eat like a the trash heap (Fraggle Rock) in one easy step. Now, people of the weight loss variety, how does a sane woman manage to consume the hideous amount of points that I have today. Easy, bad choices. Fish & chips for tea, 3 pieces of homemade chocolate cake and a pixie caramel will do it.

I did the basic Tae Bo workout this morning for the first time in a couple of years and I was sweating like a pig trotter!! My niece was watching me and her mother jump around the lounge like twats and just looked bewildered. And what got me was the skinny arse chics in leggings and boob tops on the video, they were sweating. What!! Maybe their intensity levels were quite high. Anyway, I now have two exercise sessions to complete tomorrow in order to make the 5 times a week target. I have decided that I am going to do the Special K Duathlon early next year. Probably in a team with my sister. She is quite a great weight, same height as me and 59kg, but she is not very fit. We will tag team it and she will do the 10km bike and I will do the running. So, in total, I will be running 5km. I am looking forward to feeling the buzz that Dietgirl got when she ran hers. I have to reduce the size of these 18E breasts first or I will knock myself out in the first 100m!!
I am off to experience Neurolink tomorrow - thanks to my excellent best buddy Kim. It is a system that somehow links the brain up to what is happening in the body and it then fixes itself. As I say, not sure how it works, but I do know that it has worked wonders for some friends of mine. Interesting to see if the guy picks up on the blood pressure and liver problems. Will keep you informed.

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Monday, July 4

Oh Dear

I didn't make the exercise today which puts me behind with only Tuesday and Wednesday left to exercise 3 more times. But, I can still do this. I can walk tomorrow and do some Tae Bo or some exercycling. Or I can do two lots of biking. Whatever, I will exercise 3 more times before the end of Wednesday. My eating has been pretty okay but not very healthy nor varied. End of the fortnightly pay period you see. Not much in the house and having to just make the most of it. Had a lovely brown rice, salmon and tangy tomato relish dish for lunch on Saturday (free day). All it involved was some boiled brown rice, half a can of salmon and half a tablespoon Cerebos Tangy Tomato relish. It was damn delicious. I know, you all think it sounds gross but, I reassure you, it was not. Have spent most of today revamping my CV as I saw a job that I would love advertised on Seek. It was for a receptionist at a Natural Medicine Clinic on my side of town. I don't really want to go back into work yet but I really need to for the sake of some cash. Am looking at different options but the job jumped out at me when I was browsing. Anyho, spent hours revamping and streamlining the old CV and then finally got hold of the HR chic at Coverstaff and she said "sorry, you have no medical receptionist experience and I have 2 applicants that have so I am only putting them through to the employer". No, I don't have any medical reception experience but I have a shitload of reception experience, a heap of temping experience and am a couple of papers off completing my ND!! Sometimes people can be so black and white. Only way I would get a look in would be if the employer to be doesn't like the other two perfect applicants. Then, Phoebe came down with a bit of a gastro bug with a crampy tummy etc. It all sort of made me think, she really is too young to head off to work. I may just have to do some work from home like typing or something. Maybe I could sew cool clothes and sell them on TradeMe.

As we just received a $297 powerbill, I will not be affording Weight Watchers for the next couple of weeks. Downside of being in the lower class!! LOL LOL!! I really don't want to miss the meetings or the weigh ins, but you have to do what you have to do. No point in weighing at home as those scales say I am a couple of kgs lighter than the CC's ones (Chub Club!!). But, I will not stop tracking and, who knows, a stroke of luck may just come my way.

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Sunday, July 3

... and I would bike 500 more ....

Got on the exercycle and biked 5km in 17mins and 20secs. Next time I will aim to bike for half and hour and just see how far I get. Hurt my butt though!! That's what happens when your butt is 5 times the size of the bike seat. LOL LOL LMAO!!

Have had a good weekend eating wise. Went over yesterday (Saturday) but had decided halfway through the day that Saturday's would be my "Free day" from now on. Not that I won't be sensible but I just need to have a sanity day where I am not counting points religiously. I was back into today and am having point free pumpkin soup for tea.

On the family front the weekend has been terrible. Blair is just lifeless at the moment and it makes it hard to have a fun weekend. Hopefully this can be remedied with some goals and plans put into place this week.

Hope everyone else had a good one.

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Friday, July 1

... and I would walk 500 miles ....

Today was the first out of the five exercise sessions for the week. I went for a 5.3km walk and achieved it in 58mins. I really enjoyed it as I had managed to twist my sister's arm and get her and her midgets along for the ride. According to the points calculator thingy I have earnt myself 5.5 bonus points for that walk. Right on!!

On the down side, my previous blister has been worn away at and by the last 500m I was in pure agony. I pushed on through the pain and did myself proud. Yesterday I had 31.5pts and today I have done about 33 but, as I have the bonus points, I still come in under. Technically I can have 32 points but am trying to stick to 30.

The thing I enjoyed most about the walk is that I didn't self batter myself the whole way around. Normally, when out walking, I start to mind game myself and imagine what all the "normal" people are thinking of this fat woman out walking. Maybe it was because I had my sister with me. I just didn't even go anywhere with the head shit. So doubly proud of myself.

I have been thinking that I really need to set myself some minigoals and rewards. I have my "lose 7kg" by 20th July goal but, I need to set some more achievable goals and I definitely need some rewards to keep me motivated. I have decided that when I hit 5kg lost I will get a back, shoulder and neck massage. A good friend gave me a voucher for one when I had Phoebe so that means it won't cost me anything either. I am feeling some serious self examination coming in the near future. My head is spinning out of control at the moment as I feel, on a daily basis, that I need to set myself some personal non weight goals. I have many dreams but dreams never become reality without some plans to get them there. I feel like I am stagnating in a pond (does that make me pond scum??) of shit. Maybe it is because my 30th birthday is heading this way at a rapid rate. There is something milestoneish about hitting 30. 30 with 3 kids. Engaged but not yet married - or looking like it in the near future. Nearly qualified as a Naturopath but not quite there. Planning on becoming slender and healthy but not quite there. Planning on having more "me" time but not quite there. Planning on having more "girls" time but not eventuating. Planning on having more "partner" time but not happening. I just need a severe kick up the rectum. It's like my battery is flat and there are no jumper leads in the city.

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