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Friday, July 15

Saba Saba Teur

I am so sick of sabotaging my own efforts to lose weight and become healthy. It's like I am two people fighting this battle. I am the one who has the whole day planned out foodwise and has allowed myself 5 spare points for the inevitable snack that will be presented when visiting Blair's brother. Then I go and be the bad person and add 15 points to the days total at the very end of the day. There was absolutely no need for it. Not hungry just a retard when it comes to saying no.

On the other side, the good person biked 7.5km in 21mins 45 secs. Which was great because my sister (all 59kg of her) took 23mins and 45secs. So, I beat her ass by 2 mins. I am just about 50kg heavier than her but I can still whip her ass!! Yay me.

Quick post as I have to go to the second Neurolink session. And it is in 1hour and all three kids are still lying in bed watching TV and I need a shower and need to get them breakfasted and dressed and around to my sister's and then get myself off to the suburb of Hei Hei (strange name) and that is going to be stressful. I seem to set myself up for these sorts of stressful situations. Bugger it all. And here I am still typing, I mean, For F Sake, GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!!

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