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Monday, July 25

Feeling Pumped

Yep, you heard, or rather read, it right. After pronouncing all great intentions last Thursday I didn't really follow any of that for the four days prior to today. But, being a Monday person, I got up and got into it. I did bike on Saturday for 5.5kms but I had to stop at that as I really felt like I was going to fall off the bike with exhaustion. May have been due to me not having eaten anything. Being a breastfeeding mother I think my energy reserves need constant replenishing and trying to do a bike ride with no calorie intake was a bit silly. So this morning I jumped on and did 10km in 27mins and 50secs. Once again sister was gutted as she biked on Friday 10km, Saturday 10.3km and then this morning 10km. And the fastest she did it in was 31mins. But she can be proud of the fact that she has biked 30.3km to my 15.5km!!

I feel great though and have plenty of points left for the day with a healthy lunch of salmon, baked potato and salad just ahead of me. And I have already achieved half my water intake. I am rocking today people. I was thinking last week about how sometimes you do really well and others you have a shit time of it. This is just life really. I mean, if it was rosy and peachy all the time then we would all be so bored shitless that we would go insane.

The 30th was great. Went to Indochine for pre dinner cocktails and finger food. Absolutely divine. I had two Watermelon Mules, which was Smirnoff Vodka, Watermelon (real), Lemon Wedges, Mint, and Ginger Beer over crushed ice. Yummy!! And they had these fabulous Sticky Beef Wontons, which were a wonton casing filled with a marinted shredded beef and then you dipped it in a french mayo. Then we went on to Dorothy's for dinner. It was really cool. I had Sesame Seeded Grilled Akaroa Salmon surrounded by a Seared Scallop and Coconut Saffron Broth Served with Tempura Spring Onion and Fetta Tortellini. I never get food like that when I am out. Usually stick to the old steak or chicken dish. It was so nice. Blair had Roasted Rack of Canterbury Lamb Served with Sundried Tomato Gruyere Rissotto, Minted Fava Beans and finished with Peppered Shallots and a Seed Mustard Jus. It was scrummy as well. But, Blair being the redblooded kiwi male, he was a bit disappointed when the fine dining style of meal arrived. Loved the food but reckons he could eat 5 times the amount on the plate. That's my man!! I had a good amount of a lovely Chardonnay with it and had a really enjoyable night. We came home after dinner as the Cabbage Patch Feet had made a reappearance for some unknown reason. Could have been the fact that I was premenstrual and it was really warm in the restaurant. We actually went to look for some shoes for me earlier that day but I couldn't fit any on. And then I tried to put my old faithful boots on but even they wouldn't fit the trotters. So, the Warehouse $9.95 black slip on sandals that I have worn every day for the last five months was it!! I had had my hair cut in the afternoon and got my hairdresser to straighten it. I wore this powder blue poncho thing that I got for the wedding in Takaka last December and some black pants and when I came out from doing my makeup Blair told me I looked stunning and he would like to "take me" right there and then. So that was a good confidence booster for me.

Anyway, off to eat my healthy lunch and will update my food tracker this evening.

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